How to Avoid Trouble with the Police While Riding Your Motorbike

If you are the owner of a big bike, you might feel a bit nervous whenever the cops show up. There is a stigma behind your chosen vehicle after all, and you may feel that the police see you as a troublemaker. This needn’t be the case however, especially if you follow our advice. These tips will help you take your motorcycle out with confidence that you cannot get into trouble.

Always Obey the Law

As this suggestion is the most obvious, we’ll briefly skim over it before moving onto lesser known police protection tips. If you are riding in a safe, legal manner, you have far less chance of being pulled over by the cops. This means you will have to:

  • Stick to the speed limit
  • Overtake in a safe manner
  • Obey traffic light signals
  • Be aware of street signs

While all of these may seem obvious, this is the most common cause of police trouble. If you educate yourself about the motorbike and moped laws in your region however, you will have a smaller chance of getting in trouble with the law because they won’t have a reason to stop you.

Get Your Bike Checked Up

It is also important that your vehicle is in good condition while you are on the road. If there is anything visibly wrong with your motorcycle, you may be pulled over. To improve your chances of riding in peace, make sure the following broken parts are fixed:

  • Busted headlights
  • Broken indicators
  • Cracked mirrors
  • Smoking exhausts

Take your motorbike into a local mechanic and give it a service on a regular basis. In this way, you will ride an exceptional machine that isn’t suspicious or a risk to others on the road.

Have the Right Insurance

There is always the chance of something unforeseen happening despite your good intentions. So that you avoid any potential issues if you do get into an accident, it is essential that you take out the right type of insurance before hitting the road. You will find that safety is a major priority with motorbikes and the police force which is why they require that all riders have the right level of coverage. This should protect you, your passenger and anyone that you hit while riding. It should also take care of any property damage that may occur in a collision.

Purchase Suitable Gear

To keep up with the Safety First commitment that the local police force has, you should also go out and buy some essential protective equipment that reduces the risk of injury. You can purchase a range of high tech motorbike safety gear for your body and limbs that will lower the chances of road rash if you do fall off your bike at high speeds. If you wear the appropriate clothing, the police will know you are a conscientious rider who has thought about their safety and wellbeing in a serious manner. They will then be less likely to stop you as a result.

Be Polite if Pulled Over

Our last advice is to keep your cool if you do get stopped by a law enforcement officer. Keep polite and go along with their instructions. In most cases, they have some level of discretion and can decide whether to let you off with a warning or give you a ticket. If you stay calm, you are more likely to ride away with nothing more than a stern cautionary notice to avoid this behaviour in the future. You can do this by:

  • Showing your driver’s license when requested
  • Never running away from the police officer
  • Keeping your hands where they can be seen
  • Steering clear of complaints or arguments

Also remember that anything you do and say can be used against you in the future. Just obey the instructions of the police officer who pulled you over. Don’t resist their attempts at upholding the law and you may be let off without any trouble.

This advice aims at getting you out on the road with confidence that you don’t have to worry about the local police force. In this way, you can enjoy your time with your motorbike in a safe, legal manner.