Creative And Successful Fundraising Ideas For Schools

There are several things which would require a fundraising event. School sports teams as well as cheer leading teams, or any competitive team for that matter usually require funds in order to train and compete. Teams need coaches, consultants, trainers, training materials, as well as uniforms. In most instances, the coach is already a part of the school staff or faculty. However, in most instances, teachers volunteer to coach teams, especially academic teams. For these types of school activities, fundraising events are the only way they can come up with the money to cover expenses. For school fundraising, the following are some ideas which have proven successful and can be easily replicated in most communities:

  1. Prepaid Phone Cards

The popularity of prepaid telephone service is understandable. A fundraising campaign which sells prepaid phone cards can easily earn money, with good returns. The products do not have an expiry, and the cards can even be returned to the consignor when not used or sold. This is a secure and risk-free investment for a product which is easy to sell. For additional help, a fundraising starter kit can be very helpful with this kind of campaign.

  1. Movie Ticket Fundraiser

Movie tickets have always been easy to sell. A fundraising campaign would require the cooperation of a movie house. Movie houses like to help in these instances because they can sell off all the seats for a screening, on top of helping out a school charity. There are some movie genres which always sell out. For the fundraising committee, they only need to choose which movie to show or promote for the fundraising.

  1. Car Wash Tickets

This is a variation on a theme. Instead of a drive in car wash event, where cars are brought in during the day of the campaign, tickets are sold prior to the event. For the organizers, this ensures that everyone can help with the sales prior to the car wash day. It also helps ensure the success of the event, with the funds being accounted for before the car wash even begins.

  1. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are popular at school fairs or carnivals. Tying up this event with a bigger school event helps make for better campaign marketing. The organizers do not need to herd a lot of people to the site, their market is already at the site and they only need to be sold the idea of a temporary tattoo. In addition, temporary tattoos as well as face paint are easily put on because they follow a pattern. The customer chooses a pattern, and the artist would paint the design on the customer’s back, forearms or shoulder blade. With a good crowd, the only limiting factor would be the number of artists who would do the tattoo.

  1. School Fundraiser: Discount Card

Discount cards can be popular items for fundraising. With a discount card, the user can have a fixed discount from a vendor, or vendors for the validity or lifetime of the card. This can be a discount on items bought, or a freebie when you buy something else, or even a bigger discount on an item when you buy another related item. A discount card can also be a sponsored card, being a one-time discount from a particular merchant. One other advantage for discount cards is the value proposition. Discount cards are usually sold for $10, but their perceived value is at least several times $10. For the organizers, the overall cost of a card can be as high as $4 for small batches, and could go as low as $1.