How to Fully Cooperate with a Solicitor for Filing Your Claim

Filing a claim for compensation without legal representation isn’t only inadvisable; it’s actually rare to the point of being of particular interest because of the crucial role that the solicitor plays in the filing of a compensation claim, whether it’s a claim for compensation as a result of a mishap in the workplace or a car accident.

However, whilst so much emphasis is placed on the solicitor who’s representing a client in a claim for compensation, that isn’t to say they’re responsible for everything; in fact, the client can be seen to play just as crucial a role as the solicitor in many regards.

When you hire a solicitor you’re advised to look for certain qualities – communication, competence, experience, reputation, transparency (fees), etc. – so as to ensure they are the right legal representative to assist you with your claim for compensation, but it’s also important to understand what your solicitor expects from you.

Here’s how you can fully cooperate with your solicitor when filing a claim for compensation; essentially, here’s what they expect of you.

  1. For you to be honest about the incident in question and your injuries

Lying about aspects of the incident in question and your injuries will jeopardize the outcome of your claim for compensation.

  1. For you to prepare a written timeline and summary of the events

This is important, and in fact, should have been prepared immediately after the incident took place, i.e. before you contacted a solicitor.

  1. For you to follow through on what you have agreed upon

You and your solicitor have to agree upon many things and it’s imperative that when you agree to something you don’t go back on your word.

  1. For you not to withhold information about the claim

Withholding information is tantamount to lying and that will also jeopardize the outcome of your claim.

  1. For you to inform them of any new developments as they occur

This could involve, for example, a new medical diagnosis by a different medical professional or the worsening of injuries.

  1. For you to respect their schedule and their time

Their time is also important and you must also bear in mind that you’re not their only client, so respect the time they have for you and their schedule so as to respect their time with their other clients.

  1. For you to tell them if you’ll be unavailable

If you’re unable to make it to a meeting notify them ahead of time.

  1. For you to provide them with any information they request in a prompt manner

If they require information from you it’s crucial that you provide it promptly so they have adequate time to study and prepare it for inclusion in the claim.

  1. For you to understand they have a duty to keep whatever you say confidential

This is just as much for your sake as it is theirs and don’t forget that you shouldn’t discuss your claim with anyone else – just your solicitor.

  1. For you to meet your payment obligations as you’ve agreed

You’ll likely have a conditional fee arrangement with your solicitor and it’s naturally expected of you to adhere to this arrangement.

Filing a claim for compensation isn’t something that you should take lightly and it’s therefore imperative for you to realise that your no win no fee solicitor has as much to expect from you as you from them in many regards, which with regard to the ethics that bind solicitors include keeping your confidence, putting your interests ahead of their own and representing you in a competent and loyal manner.