How Do Birds Mate


The sole purpose as to why birds mate is to fertilize the eggs so that they can hatch to young ones. It is however important to note that without mating, a female bird can still lay eggs but they cannot hatch to young ones. Birds are of different types and some birds are big whereas others are very small. Most birds live in nests which they make for themselves. Birds are very creative since they make use of locally available materials to make their nests. Not all birds however live in nests.

Though research indicates that all birds are edible, some birds have got parts that can be poisonous when consumed. Some birds like hen and ducks are domesticated and have nutritious meat. On average, all over the world, many people are estimated to have consumed a bird in their lifetime. Apart from vegetarians, most people are likely to have eaten a bird or consumed their products.

Birds lay eggs that are rich in protein and are reasonably cheap. You can get the same nutrients from eggs as it is with meat or other protein products. Though research attributes plant protein to be healthier than animal proteins, it however true to say that protein from birds can also do in obtaining a balanced diet where protein is needed. Eggs from birds can be either fried or boiled. An egg contains a shell that prevents the York and egg white from getting contaminated. This is why birds take great care to prepare a place where they lay their eggs.

Mating Process

For birds to mate, a male bird and a female bird must collaborate to do it. Unlike other animals which show the signs of being on heat, birds can mate as many times in a day as possible. Most female birds will however not readily give in during mating. For people who have never seen them mate, he/she will think the male is molesting the female.

It requires the male to use all tricks to attract the female bird. Courtship period generally start with this only. When the time is ready, the male uses necessary force to make the female. To mate the female bird moves her tail up and sideways, allowing the male to move in behind her. Mating in birds takes a very short period. This happens when the cloacas of the male and female bird comes into contact during the mating session allowing the sperm to enter the female. The eggs are later laid down by female bird once they get fertilized.

In a nutshell, birds mate and it is through this act the eggs become fertilized. Birds are of different types and behave differently. Some birds can lay more than 30 eggs whereas others can only lay 2 eggs. Most people claim eggs from a mated bird are sweeter than those from a bird that was not mated. Globally, people  keep birds for various reasons.

Some are kept for meat products, others for egg products whereas other people keep birds for beauty. Depending on the reason behind keeping a bird, it is important to take good care of them since they can be easily affected by unhygienic standards.