How Does Ebay Work



Ebay is one of the online shopping websites in the world today. With the development of technology, many people have got used to online shopping. This has made their life simpler and easier. There are many things that people can buy for a good price. And Ebay also has a great shopping lineup. The categories range from electronics to entertainment to shopping . Ebay first started ts journey from United States and today it has its presence in more than 30 countries. Ebay working is pretty simple. A seller post and item for an auction. The buyers bid for the item. at the end, the bidder with highest bid is awarded the item. It takes a simple few steps to configure and anyone is good to go with Ebay.


You need to have a valid Ebay account if you want to purchase or sell any item. Just sign up with Ebay and start searching for the desired item.

If you want to purchase something, first you need to go to the desired category. There are many categories available such as Computers and networking, Clothing, Jewelry, Video games, Shopping, Electronics etc. You can select from a desired category or you can also select by entering a search keyword. When you find your item the next thing you should do is to click on the auction and view the auction details. Then you simply need to place your bid on the selected item. Offering the bid to the best price is up to the person who sells the item. If they find it convincing, surely they will sell it off.

If it is really necessary to purchase the item, there is always a “BUY NOW” button. If a user clicks this button, the user also should know that the price will be higher than that reserved price by the seller. This is higher because it does not go on with the bidding process. So the customer will be purchasing the item for a price which can be a bit higher than the normal range. Before buying the item, just check how much shipping charges have been applied. If auction states shipping method as “Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service,” then you can contact the seller using the “Ask seller a question” link in the Seller Information box.


For sellers, you could sell anything on Ebay as you wish. You can use the same account that is used to purchase items. There are however restrictions on certain items for e.g.: selling drugs, illegal items etc. Just as buying items there are a few steps the user needs to do. Firstly the user needs to get a good picture of the item. Then upload it and then choose the mode which you are willing to pay.

Then you need to choose which category the item belongs to, and then the user needs to write a small description of the item and give some information for all those who would like to bid for the item. Then the user needs to set a starting price. This is for the bid purpose. If there is a user who would like to use the Buy it now feature, then provide a higher price so they could directly buy the item from you instead of bidding.

If the user put’s a reserve price that will be the last price that the user is willing to sell the item. No bid below that level will be accepted.  Then the user needs to add up a return policy. This is if the user will be handling the warranty or if the buyer is not happy with the product etc. There will be a small insertion fee charged by Ebay for this purpose as Ebay is the base where buyers and sellers meet together. Then just need to check all the information and post up the item on the site. If any bidders are bidding, the user will be notified.

There are many payment methods that a user could pay for an item. Credit card, Net Banking, Cash card and Paypal are among the most common  payment methods. Paypal which is also known as the most secure way to make transactions over the internet.

Once the product gets delivered, you can write the review to describe the quality of product. Users with maximum reviews are awarded points. Most buyers often read the review of the seller before purchasing any item. So, sellers with maximum positive reviews generate more sales than others.

Life has been really easy with modern technology. But the user should be really careful in doing online business. There can be many scams and cheating. Many people can even lose money while doing online payment. So before you do anything, make sure the source is correct and also the source is a good source.