How Effective Is Social Bookmarking For Blogs


The popularity of social bookmarking sites today like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedln, Google Plus, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc. cannot be equaled by any other means of media outlets. If someone has to go by the count, the number of people, young and adults, with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts, can attest to the fact of this popularity.

There are many people who are drawn to these social networking sites because they serve as an effective tool for information dissemination and communication. Through these social networking sites, many people share their ideas and experiences, appropriate knowledge is acquired by as many as those who may have come across to read the message or the post and share the same interest and concern as you do. You do not only acquire knowledge and information through these social networking sites, you also get the chance to meet new people and to be able to interact with them.

Initially, only just a few people may come to know you and learn some knowledge and experience that you have shared in your website. As time goes on, many people who may share the same ideas and views with you will be added to your list of acquaintances. With this process, those who may come to acknowledge the message you have written on your website or your blog multiplies to a greater extent, as it is not farfetched to think that they also have same friends who will be drawn to your blog site.

If you want to reach a wide number of people then you should make use of the so-called social bookmarking. Just think of the great number of people who are opening their social networking accounts in a day. You can reach these online users can and draw them towards your blog site.

In social bookmarking, all of your available social network accounts are readily accessible to anyone because it has a provision for linking all of your accounts to your blog site. Other people who would visit your site get the chance to connect with you through social bookmarking. Hence, if your social network accounts are among those included in the social bookmarking, it is now easy for other people to link these social networking accounts.

There are many plugins available that can automate the task for you and post your blog posts to number of social networking sites. Don’t compromise on the quality. Users will subscribe to you only if  they find your content useful. The more subscribers you have, the more chances that it will come on front page. Choose appropriate directory while posting the blog post to social networking site. Avoid posting the site’s link  to spamming directories. To avoid penalty from Google Penguin avoid variations in anchor text, description and title. Another way is to comment on high PR blog related to your niche. Blog commenting is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking Benefits

1. Organic Traffic

It is where you can read a great number of people. This process of reaching out to other people is fast and easy as your site is readily accessible online by clicking it. Since there is social bookmarking, when someone gets the chance to read your blog post and also gets to admire your ideas then they will share it to some of their friends. Online users can share your blog posts to their friends in their respective social networking accounts. This will bring some organic traffic to your blog. You shouldn’t rely entirely upon traffic from search engine for organic traffic. Nowadays social media brings major portion of your traffic.

Since you may not only be writing a recycled topic because it will be boring to your readers, chances are you may also be writing other field of interest and concerns. As your readers get to read more about your blog posts, there is a great possibility that even your personal undertakings will also be of interest to them. This is where the economic benefits of having a social book marking tool will work for you.

2. Off Page SEO

Off page SEO includes all the things that webmaster do to promote their site or blog. Social bookmarking is one of the way to do off page SEO for your website. Social bookmarking allows you to promote your website or blog. When a user visits your blog, he can use the social bookmarking options to share  on various social networking sites.  It helps to bring in organic traffic. One should not solely rely on search engines for traffic. Social media plays an important role to promote your site to users. Apart from social bookmarking, blog commenting , link exchanges, guest posting, forum posting are some other ways to increase off page SEO.

3. Build Authority

Social bookmarking sites provide back links to your site and can help building authority. When such a site links backs to you, it  shows search engines that this website is trusted by many sites. Sites which have good authority are more frequently crawled by search engines.  Search engine like Google likes fresh content and this is the reason that forums are spidered more frequently. Social media is one of the way to build authority. The other being great content, domain age, on page SEO, external back links and many more.

4. Comments and Ratings From Readers

Readers can post comments on whatever issues you have brought whether it is positive or negative. In return, you will also have the chance to explain your ideas in such a way that it will convince them and not alienate them. Since your blog is connected to various social network sites, you can just imagine how far your blog post can go.

Online readers can rate your blogs. From this process, you can have a feedback on your strong and weak points. You get the chance to increase the number of your viewers share and you also get to have a feel of their opinion.

Social Bookmarking can no doubt be a helpful tool to increase organic traffic to your blog. However one should not forget that its the content that drive users to your blog. Remember, content is the king. A good quality content is must to get to the top rank in search engine. There are many social bookmarking plugins like Social Media WidgetSocial Discussions, Slick Social Share that users n download and install to their blog.