How to Get Preferred Seat in the Plane


Have you ever wondered how to get your preferred seat in the plane?  Everyone knows that usually, the sitting arrangement indicated in your boarding pass is observed but when the plane is not full to capacity, is it possible to transfer to a vacant seat that you would rather have?

Preferred Seats

There are some who would love to have a seat near the window while others would prefer a seat that is closest to the emergency exit. Others like to be seated near the aisle. Those who need to go to the rest room frequently would prefer to be assigned a place in an area near it. But what about the seat number in your boarding pass? Can you disregard it?

How to get preferred seat in the plane

Tips to Get Your Preferred Seat in the Plane

Here are some tips on how to get your preferred seat on a plane. First, book your flight in advance. In most instances, people who buy tickets early get the best seats. You can even check the plane’s sitting arrangement in the internet and specify the preferred seat that you want as much as possible. Companies that are customer centered will most likely go out of their way to satisfy you.  You can choose airlines that permit you to print out your boarding pass.

With the aid of the aircraft’s lay out in the internet, you can easily put in your boarding pass the number of the chair that you are dying to have. Booking late would mean you are left with no other choice because the one given to you is the only seat available. Avoid getting yourself in this predicament by booking your trip in advance.

Second, check what airlines offer privileges for their frequent flyers. Some of the benefits that people who always travel using the same airline may be given the best location in the plane. There are airlines that give their passengers points every time they fly using the airline. An accumulated number of points could be used to upgrade your seat in a plane and get the preferred seat.

How to get preferred seat in the plane

Third, familiarize yourself with the layout of the plane. Imagine where people would be passing or moving frequently. Check where parents with babies are assigned to sit. Avoid these places if you want to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable trip. If you are tall, look for spaces that can give you more legroom. This way, you can stretch your legs and relax instead of keeping them folded in front of you.

Fourth, check in early and ask if the plane is full. If not, be the first to board and scout for empty seats. Once the doors of the plane closes and the seat is still empty, you can give a run for it or you can quietly ask the crew if it will be alright for you to transfer seats. Once he or she gives you her approval, grab that chair; you are not the only one looking for comfort or convenience while on flight.

Fifth, ask if the crew member can give you preferred seat if it is empty. Normally, airline crew don’t mind giving them the desired seat if no one is sitting there.

Last, buy tickets for better seats. The price difference is very minimal compared to the benefits that you will get when you travel in comfort. The small difference will be worth it.