How To Quit Smoking


Lung diseases are widespread not only in the United States but even in other parts of the globe. One cannot deny the fact that the majority of the population likes smoking. In some countries, they already imposed certain policies just to restrict people. Some countries imposed high tax rates to cigarette products. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are willing to shoulder the high costs just to be able to smoke. It is not a surprising fact. When you start to enjoy smoking, the tendency is for you to get addicted to it. You always have the chance to quit smoking. If some people can do it then you also can.

Various kinds of illnesses and diseases can be attributed to smoking. If you want to live longer and if you want to be healthy, you should definitely remove this from your daily habits. When you smoke, you are actually prone to different kinds of illnesses not to mention that you are actually damaging your lungs. There are several ways for you to quit or to avoid smoking. You just have to exert some effort and you should also be determined to do it.

10 Ways to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

1. Stop Buying Cartons Of Cigarettes

Take things one step at a time. If you are a chain smoker and you simply cannot imagine yourself to quit smoking in a day then this will be a very difficult thing for you. Some people can last for one up to two months. After that, they back off and go back to their usual ways. Most of them quit totally. Some people can do that. But if you are the type who really cannot then you should take things one step at a time. For instance, if you consume 20 sticks of cigarettes then you can lessen it to probably half.

After a few weeks, you can have just 5 sticks until such a time when you can already handle not smoking. You should not only control yourself but you should also condition your mind. Thinking about the negative effects of smoking to your health can help you in achieving your goal. When you think about the big possibility that you might have any of these diseases that can cost even your life then you will really try hard. In achieving your goal to quit smoking, you should just exert a lot of effort and you should be really determined to do it.

2. Search For Other Alternatives

For those who really cannot stop smoking, there are other options. We know the detrimental effects of cigarette or tobacco smoking. However, there are still some who just cannot quit smoking. For them, it is already part of their daily life. If this is the case then it would be very difficult to persuade them. But the good news is that there are ways for you to search for other alternatives. For instance, you might want to have electronic cigarettes.

The good thing about these electronic cigarettes is that it functions like an ordinary cigarette that you used to have. The only difference is that it is not made up of tobacco. Compared to the usual cigarette, these electronic cigarettes are definitely much safer. No wonder there are now many people who are interested to buy this kind of cigarette.

3. Be Physically Active And Healthy

Apart from just quitting or avoiding smoking, you should also assess your lifestyle. Most people who smoke would encounter stress. When you are stressed out, you cannot simply say no to cigarette which acts as a stress reliever for some people. As much as possible, you should be active in different physical activities. It is better if you can engage in various sports. When you are healthy, it will be easier for you to say no to smoking. You will be able to see the difference. You get to evaluate the negative effects of smoking on your body.

4. Join Company Of Non Smokers

If you join company of non smokers, its more likely that you won’t be tempted to smoke when you are out with them, since there would be no one to give you the company. Spend most of the time with them. By being in their company, you will get to know many ill effects of smoking. This will change you attitude towards smoking.

5. Calculate Smoking Cost

Sit down on a chair and calculate the total amount of money you spent on smoking. If you are an active smoker then it most likely that it is eating up large amount of your hard earned money. The amount you spent on buying them can actually be used for buying fruits, paying off your fee for gym or spending a nice evening with your partner.

6. Be Environment Friendly

Think about the environment before lighting up the cigarette. The world is already facing huge impact of global warming. You too are contributing your part in accelerating it. If you can’t sop yourself from smoking then at least cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.

7. Take Resolution

Take a resolution and set a quit date. Inform your family member, teachers, elders, friends, co-workers about it. Don’t move back from decision. If you have thought of quitting it and then just do it. Mark that on a calendar and put it on your table. Circle it round with “I will quit today”.

8. Join Anti Smoking Campaigns

Look out for Anti smoking campaigns around your home. Let your friends know about it, if they know any. Join them and get in touch with people who stopped smoking after several years of smoking. Ask them about the ways to quit smoking. This will boost your self confidence and you will finally be able to stop smoking.

9. Think About The Future

How many times have you read on the cigarette packet “Smoking Kills”. If you have then read it again and think about your future. Think about your family, friends and relatives. Each cigarette you smoke lessens your life for about 8 minutes. Just count, how many minutes of your life have you lost.

10. Stop Craving For It

You may crave for smoking after having lunch or when you hang out with your friends. Just tell yourself all the bad points of being smoker and have a nut cracker, chewing gum, chocolate, tea, coffee, fruit, dessert or take a deep breath in place of it. You might feel the appetite for few days after quitting but you need to kill it before it takes over you.

You can easily stop smoking. All you need is dedication and passion to live life like a non smoker. It takes much effort to quit smoking. There are very few lucky people who quit smoking in first attempt. In fact, most of the people require several attempts before they can quit smoking. Do not get discouraged if you failed in the repeated attempts. Just keep working on it and make strong attempt to quit it.