How To Avoid Getting Pregnant


Some people spend a lot of time looking for information on how they can avoid becoming pregnant. Though there is a lot of information regarding how one can avoid pregnancy, it is important to only look for information that is authentic. It can be very stressing to conceive when you are not ready for it.

This is one of the reasons why most people end up doing abortion since they conceived without being ready for the child. One can however avoid the stress of conceiving on the wrong time by simply going through this article on ways of avoiding pregnancy. There are a number of contraceptives that can be currently used to avoid undesirable pregnancy.

Methods For How To Avoid Pregnancy

Use of Gels and creams

These substances are placed in the vagina before having sex. They work by weakening the sperm and preventing their viability and thus avoids pregnancy. This therefore prevents fertilization to take place since for pregnancy to occur, fertilization must take place.

Cycle days

Research has shown that majority of women conceive between the 11th-15th day in their menstrual cycle. This means avoiding unprotected sex during these days lowers the probability of one getting pregnant.

Coitus interrupters

This is a method that was widely used in the yester years than today. This method simply means ejaculating out of the vagina rather than inside. A man is supposed to pull out the penis during ejaculation to avoid ejaculating inside the vagina. It is however a bit tricky since some semen might get into the vagina, increasing the chances of conceiving.

Use of Male Condoms

Nowadays there exist both male and female condoms. When well used, male condoms can be very effective in preventing pregnancy. It is however important to learn how both male are used. Wrong usage might enhance chances of getting pregnant. Always check the expiration date before using the condom since an expired condom is more prone to bursting during sexual intercourse. Male Condoms are believed to be 95-98% effective against pregnancy.

Use of Female Condoms

Female condom is a thin sheath made of polyurethane that is used during sexual intercourse as a barrier contraceptive to stop birth control. The difficult part is that its quite difficult to use. Not as popular as male condoms but still they are gaining popularity.


This is a method whereby a barrier is created by placing it in the vault of vagina to prevent sperms from coming into contact with female ova.

Avoid Sex

The simple way to avoid pregnancy is to not to have sex. If you don’t have sex, you won’t get pregnant which is the safest form of birth control. But its hard to resist from sex just to avoid getting pregnant.

Use of pills

There exist a number of pills that can be used to alter the hormone thereby preventing fertilization. They range from daily pill to emergency pills. Depending on ones need, pills can be used to prevent pregnancy.

Hormone injection

Use of  hormone injection prevents ova from maturing, thereby preventing any chance of getting pregnant. It is essential to determine whether your body responds well to hormonal injection

Use of intrauterine device

This involves use of foreign body which is inserted in the uterus. As the ovigerm tries to move so that it can be fertilized, it is prevented by the barrier created by the intrauterine device.

There are many methods that can be used to prevent pregnancy. Choosing the best method that suits you is key. And in situations where no method fits you, then it is advisable to avoid having sex especially on those days you are likely to conceive.