How To Avoid Hangover


Hangover is reaction to unpleasant physiological effects that occurs following over consumption of drugs and in particular alcoholic beverages. The most common signs of hangover include thirst, dysphoria, noise, nausea, headache and general fatigue. Hangover is brought as a result of dehydration, hypoglycemia, acetaldehyde intoxication and deficiency in vitamin B12.

Severe effects of hangover can last up to 3 days. Most people suffer from alcohol hangover as it is one of the most abused drugs. Next time you plan to consume alcohol, consider trying the following tips to minimize on effects of hangover. Lets see the points below nad discover the various ways to avoid hangover.

Way To Avoid Hangover

The surest method to avoid hangover is by not drinking. This is however a very tough decision for most alcohol consumer to go by. People will always have reasons as to why they drink and by avoiding drinking might not work. For those who are not habitual alcohol consumer, avoiding it will be the best option. For those who consume regularly, the tips listed below will help you.

Take food

Before you start drinking, ensure you have taken healthy food. Take moderate meal before you start drinking as well as eating more food after the drink. This helps to minimize effect of alcohol taking toll on you.  Take food that is rich in protein and fats. If your idea is to take burger, pizza before taking the alcohol, you are sure shot going to feel the side effects. Healthy meal will have the essential vitamins and proteins that will prevent the absorption of toxic substance and hence will help to avoid hangover.

Take drinks that have low levels of congeners

This means the higher the level of congeners in alcohol, the heavier the hangover. It is the high time you get more details on the type of alcohol that you take. You might be taking it without knowing the level of congeners in it.

Water is a good curative for hangover

Take a lot of water during and after drinking. The water also helps in removing impurities from the body. When your body is short of water, it diverts the water from other body parts, which in turn causes headache and nausea. For those who don’t like taking water, consider the effects of hangover and once you weigh the pros and cons, I am sure you will like water more.

Take a glass of milk before taking the alcohol

It coats the lining of your stomach and slows down the absorption of alcohol. Although, there isn’t any theory to prove it scientifically, but there is no harm to try it out.

Avoid as much as possible combining different brands of alcohol

This may lead to heightened levels of intoxication. Drink slowly to allow the body to get rid of alcohol without being overworked.  Also avoid mixing alcohol with other drugs. They impose stress on the body to get rid of toxins.  Avoiding mixing alcohol with drugs reduces the effect of hangover.

Drink moderate alcohol

To avoid devastating effects of hangover, avoid taking more than your body can handle. Make it a habit of consuming just what is moderate. Most people end up over drinking due to the company they associate with. Know your limits and learn to take what is just adequate for you. Stop drinking if you feel the effect of hangover, no matter how hard your friends push you to take couple of more drinks.

Know your body and brand

People react differently on different brands of alcohol. Being in a position to determine which brand causes less hangover will be a plus to those who consume it.  Stick to the brand that has less effects of hangover. Light liquors like vodka and Beer have less level of toxic substance as compared to hard liquors like whiskey, Rum or Red wine. Alcoholic drinks are likely to produce worst hangovers.

Take a sleep for few hours after getting hangover.

Your body needs some time to metabolize the alcohol and there cannot be a better way than sleep. When you get hangover, you brain stops working partially as your liver diverts water from it to process the alcohol. This is a situation when you need some sleep to get back your body to function normally.

Next time you plan to take alcohol, think of applying the mentioned tips and you will be amazed how effective they are. Enjoy alcohol by minimizing the effect of hangover. Once you start applying these tips, you will become much more responsible and better man.