How to Blog Comment that Works Despite Penguin


Blogging has taken a different turn since Google released its Penguin update. For writers who are in the SEO business this is a great challenge that needs to be met both with efficiency and caution. The Penguin update is not exactly a game changer. It is simply a tool that aims to improve web content by ensuring that websites do not engage in keyword stuffing or link spamming.

The aim of Google Penguin is to encourage bloggers to create high-quality blogs with exemplary content and striking visuals. Blog comments are also being scrutinized by the Penguin update to ensure that spam comments and linking to low-quality blogs are avoided. Here are some ways you can work around this new update from Google Penguin.

Comment on blogs that are similar to yours. Remember that the main thing you need to do is provide quality blog comments. You can only do that if you are knowledgeable about the topic being discussed in a blog. The first thing you need to do is look for blogs who discuss the things that you do.

If you maintain a book blog with regular book reviews, comment on similar book blogs particularly on the reviews of the books you’ve also read. This will allow you to provide more valuable information to the readers of that blog as well. If you maintain a blog on online marketing then comment on the same kind of blogs and contribute your ideas. You can then link your comment to your own blog post that contains relevant and helpful content to readers.

Comment regularly but not frequently. Blog commenting is great only if it’s worth reading. Having said that, you can only comment so many times without sounding repetitive. Bookmark your favorite blogs and comment on them regularly. Sign up for email updates so that you’ll get a heads up on their new posts. In the meantime, continue creating your own high-quality blogs so that you have something to show when you link your blog to the comments you made.

Over commenting can give readers the impression that you are hard selling your blog in every comment you make. Regular but tempered comments allow you to have an increased and healthy interaction with other readers. This will give you more ideas on what readers are looking for, which in turn will help you in writing more informative blogs. Avoid blabbering and commenting irrelevant information because this will only annoy readers.

Comment on your expertise. Being an expert about a certain field or topic makes a big difference in blog commenting. People will even look forward to what you have to say because you are the authority on the topic being discussed. If you’re a tech-geek and you know the latest and hottest news about gadgets, your comment will be considered valuable by readers who are interested in knowing the features about the gadget they’re interested to buy.

Write comments that are teasers at the same time, which will draw readers to your main blog site. Let it be your commenting manta to provide valuable comments every single time. Quantity is good but quality is best because that is the very thing that people are looking for.

Do not let the Penguin update intimidate you from posting blog comments. Accept it as a challenge instead to provide comments that are beneficial not only to you but also to readers. The great thing about writing noteworthy comments and content is that it makes you a better blogger, too.

You set a higher bar for yourself so that readers will know you as someone who has authority on certain topics and someone who facilitates engaging interaction through the comments you make. High-quality blog comments also increases blog traffic in your site as well. Overtime, readers will go directly to your blog as the main source for relevant content, which is ultimately the result of making exceptional blog comments.