How To Bring Down Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is a condition whereby blood is forced against artery walls as the heart pumps the blood. There are two conditions involved in blood pressure; low blood pressure and high blood pressure. If blood pressure is either too low or too high, it can lead to life threatening condition.  When the blood pressure remains constantly high for a prolonged time, it can cause harm to the body in many ways.

There is however a number of ways in which one can do to lower the blood pressure. Medication is one of the widely used methods to lower blood pressure but this article concentrates more on how lowering of blood pressure can be achieved without necessarily using medicine. In addition to this, reducing the intake of salt, and avoiding smoking cigarettes would certainly help to reduce blood pressure.

Research has shown that obese or overweight people are more prone to high blood pressure as compared to slender people. The theory behind it is the fact that more fat deposit in the inner side of arteries causing constrictions of the arteries, leading to an elevated blood pressure as the blood is pumped through narrow arteries.

Below are some of the strategies that can be very effective in reducing blood pressure.

Tips to Lower High blood Pressure

  • Exercise

This is one of the healthiest ways of reduce blood pressure. Walk everyday for about 20-30 minutes. If you can’t walk outside consider buying a treadmill for yourself or better join gym near your house. By walking, the body loses calories, which are the main catalyst in weight gain. During the walking, body utilizes calories that could have been converted into body fat, thereby lowering considerably chances of having extra calories in the body. It is however important to note that you do not necessarily have to go to the gym to exercise. Exercise can be done even in the bedroom, office or even on the stairs. The important thing is to have a training program that you can stick to.

  • Shedding off some Weight.

Loosing even 10 pounds of weight can have a significant effect on blood pressure. It is therefore important to devise realistic ways to lose weight. As aforementioned, there is a big correlation between weight and blood pressure. Monitoring one’s BMI is critical to ensure one doesn’t go beyond the recommended BMI.

  • Diet

Diet rich in fat and cholesterol is among the contributing factors to high blood pressure. It is always good to have a balanced diet and reduce on taking junk food as it is rich in calories and contributes to high blood pressure.  Remember!, high blood pressure can be effectively reduced through balanced diet and avoiding taking high amount of food that has very high content of calories.

  • Lowering Alcohol Intake

People who take high amount of alcohol are at risk of developing high blood pressure. Alcohol taken at lower amounts can be good to your health, but excess use of it, is disastrous to your health. Keep note of amount of alcohol you take and work towards reducing it progressively. This will work magic and the blood pressure is lowered considerably.

  • Reduce Intake of Salt

When preparing for yourself at home, lower down the intake of salt. Too much of salt increases the blood pressure. When you buy packages food from the grocery store, look at the labels and choose ones with low salt options. Low sodium diet consist of 1000 and 1500 milligrams daily. More salt in the food cause the blood to have more fluid which in turn causes the heart to pump faster to move excess volume.

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking certainly can increase the blood pressure since it contains some toxic substances like tobacco and nicotine. Smoking not only affects your heart but can also adversely affect your lungs. If you stop smoking, your heart will remain healthy and other benefits will soon follow.

  • Avoid Stress

Having too much work pressure or meeting client’s deadlines can severely increase the risk of hypertension. Look out for some stress management techniques to reduce stress. Working late hours and little sleep can increase the pulse and heart rate, which can increase the blood pressure. Take some rest, go out on weekend with friends or family and spend some quality time to de-stress your life.

  • Meditate

Meditate in the morning, preferably half an hour. Meditation includes chanting, breathing. Inhale fresh air in the morning to reduce blood pressure. Forget all the tension revolving around your life, spend some time alone and get involved in meditation.

  • Monitor Blood Pressure Regularly

Monitor your blood pressure regularly using stethoscope. Note down different levels and consult your physician if you sense something fishy.

  • Take Deep Breath

Make it a habit to breathe slowly and deeply for 5-10 minutes every morning and night. Do yoga in the morning to relax and stay healthy. Studies suggest people who perform yoga on a regular basis under a less risk of hypertension then those who don’t.

Try the above few methods to reap benefits in lowering your blood pressure. High Blood pressure can kill if not effectively handled. Don’t wait until It is too late. Take action now.