How to Bring Spice Back Into Marriage


Newly married couples have the best times of their lives but after a few years, everything seems to go wrong. Like food, everything is spoiled and it loses its flavor. How to bring spice back into marriage that has grown bland is one thing that every couple must learn.

Ways To bring Spice Back Into Marriage

First, resume sharing interests. When you were first married, you seemed to have the same likes and dislikes. However, as time passed by, you went on your own different ways. You stopped doing things together. Instead, you have been too busy with your own life and your own interests that you cannot talk about the same topic anymore.

In short, you have lost track of each other’s life. Why not start renewing your bond by starting with doing something together that you both like? Playing tennis, exercising, hiking, reading – these things you can do together at least once a week. Start doing them and feel the closeness between the two of you burgeoning again.

Second, love making plays an important role in bringing spice back into marriage. You need to cuddle your partner a lot and take your relationship to the next level. Wear some sexy outfit and use some different techniques to arouse your partner and bring the old romance back in your life.

Third, go for a holiday to some exotic location. Spend some quality time together alone. If you have kids, try to send them for a summer camp or such. The crux of the point is to be away from daily work routine and spend some time in each others arms.

Fourth, if you have gained weight recently, then join some nearby gym or try jogging to lose weight and give your partner a pleasant surprise. Believe it or not, this will go on a long way in revitalize your relationship. This will bring the old romance back in your life. In short, it will help you get spice back into marriage.

Fifth, don’t forget to say to each other “I love you” even just once a day. The words could feel empty at first especially if there was a gap between the two of you. But continuously practicing saying it and showing it through your actions can make a marriage turning sour to become sweet again. People need to hear their loved one profess their love.

It brings back to mind your courtship days when you seems not to get tired saying these words to each other.  There are times when you think it is preposterous to say those words but if you want to keep your marriage strong, doing ever think of stopping saying these three magic words.

Sixth, always show how much you treasure each other through the little things that both of you used to do. Buying your partner’s favorite chocolate, giving her a bottle of perfume, giving your husband a massage when he is tired and preparing his favorite meals are the best ways to rekindle your love for each other. Do this every day and you will see the effects soon.

Seventh, always listen to each other. No matter how trivial the topic is, show your partner that you are interested to what he is saying. Men want their women to pay attention to them especially when they are talking about their jobs or their health. If you do not listen to them, they will think that you are not interested in them anymore and they will not talk about those things anymore. Before you know it, he is not talking to you anymore even about other topics that you like to talk about.

Last, try to surprise your partner.  Prepare a delicious dinner and have dinner by candlelight with him even if there is no special occasion. Play your favorite music and enjoy it while you relax after a meal. Or you can prepare a picnic basket on a weekend and ask him to accompany you to your favorite spot before. These are simple acts but they will surely keep your love alive and bring spice back into marriage.