How To Build Self Confidence


Improving your self confidence is something that can take you a long way in achieving your goals in life. Notable is the fact that successful individuals show high self confidence that help them become more assertive in reaching their goals in life. If you are one of the people who lack self confidence, you need to start from the basic of grooming yourself to have better confidence.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” ~~ Peter T. Mcintyre

If you want to build self confidence you need to start from improving how you look. People will give you more respect and recognition if you know how to show off yourself decently with proper grooming. This does not mean you have to spend so much for expensive clothes or to dramatically change the way you look or dress. All you need is to become decent with the way you dress up and to project yourself as a person who values himself through proper grooming.

10 Ways To Build Your Self Confidence

1. Groom Yourself

Basic grooming will tell you to wear clean clothes at all times. You need to comb your hair each time you leave home and wear clean clothes at all times. Take a bath everyday and brush your teeth. What it all means is that you need proper grooming to help you develop confidence when dealing with people every day.

2. Good Posture

Another way to improve self confidence is to observe good posture. Slouching is associated with losers and you do not want to feel belittled just because of your posture. Start improving your posture by standing straight with the head up. Make sure to make eye contact with the person you talk with. You will give a good impression if you can do these basic things that will make you feel more empowered when dealing with the public.

3. Listen Motivational Speeches

A good way to build your self confidence is to listen to motivational speeches or read good books of this genre. You can get better insights and good tips on how to make yourself more confident in your daily activities. You can learn from the practical experiences and examples that the expert speaker or author can share on improving self confidence.

4. Positive Attitude

Always keep a positive insight about yourself. It is difficult to develop self confidence if the problem lies within your own self. Some people have the hard time to develop self confidence because they cannot resolve their own personal issues that tend to hold them back of giving their best of their self. Learning how to manage stress and personal conflicts is a good start to build self confidence.

5. Improve Strength and Work on Weakness

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are also important. You can use your strengths to improve your ability to excel in what you do. Being able to accomplish your goals can help you build self confidence. At the same time understanding your weaknesses will help you know on what areas of your personal behavior and personality to improve.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~~T. S. Eliot

6. Express Your Thoughts

It is also important to learn how to speak out and express your thoughts. Do not keep good ideas within your self. People will tend to appreciate you more if you can show that you have great ideas to share. You do not need to have a brilliant idea but speaking up in group discussions once in a while will help you gradually overcome your status as being an invisible member of the group. You will soon find yourself overcoming the fear of speaking up as you start participating in discussions which is a beginning of building your self confidence.

7. Be Physically and Mentally Fit

Getting your body in good shape and fitness is a good way to develop self confidence. Exercise can relieve stress and can induce the energy you need to become more active in what you do. Feeling good physically and mentally are important in developing self confidence. It brings a good momentum in giving you the optimism you need for developing good self confidence.

8. Help Others

The title says it all. Just try it. Even if you are not able to solve other person’s problem at least he/she will be happy that you to took out your time in helping him/her. You will get compliment from the other person for the effort your put in and that will increase your self confidence.

9. Prepare for Worst

No one knows whats going to happen in future. It would be rather quite stupid to ruin your present while thinking about your future. Just forget about it and prepare yourself for the worst. If you are planning to out for interview tomorrow then just tell yourself; what can happen if I didn’t get job tomorrow? You might be told that you are not fit for this job or your experience qualifications are not enough for this post. No body is going to fire you just because you got rejected in the interview. That is the worst that can happen. Accept it. Once you accept the worst case scenario that can happen, that will boost up your self confidence and inner strength.

10. Socialize A Lot

Get along with people of your age. Hang out with them, listen to them and share your view and thoughts with them. If you are going to keep your self isolated from rest of the people then it will certainly reflect a lack of self confidence. Just mix with people and talk to them. This will let you to overcome your fear of shyness and build your self confidence. You can even approach any of your friend who is quite popular in his/her group and he/she can teach you how to mix up with different people.

Lastly, appreciating what you have achieved so far will give you good reasons to feel more confident that you can do better and achieve more. Even the simplest accomplishments you have done are good tools in boosting your self confidence.