How To Cheat In An Exam


While exams are meant to test the information you have acquired throughout a larger period of time, some people simply cannot or do not want to study for them in any way. Cheating in exams has existed basically since exams have existed themselves, and while more and more precautions are taken to prevent students from gaining an unfair advantage, there still are many sneaky ways of cheating in an exam when you were too lazy or busy to study.

If you’re in a school or college that is obviously taking a lot of precautions against cheating, then obviously, the old writing key notes on a piece of paper and putting it in your pocket trick won’t work. However, if the school or teacher is more simplistic, old ways may still work. In these cases, a piece of paper or even the table or chair you are sitting at or on can be indispensable tools for your cheating.

 Ways To Cheat In An Exam

  • Cell Phones

Cell phones are a very useful tool if you want to cheat in an exam. While their calculator can be used to shorten the time you spend on the calculations, there are a lot more useful ways of cheating using a cell phone. For example, you can simply ask your friend to text you key points of the lessons you are having an exam on and then read them straight off your cell phone. Or, you could make a note yourself that you can read if your cell phone supports that.

However, these methods will only work if the exam you are taking part in allows cell phones or if you manage to sneak one in if they are banned. Be very careful however, because if you are caught cheating using your cell phone or even taking it out of your pocket when they are banned in an exam will instantly fail you the exam and your efforts will be in vain!

  • Paper Trick

Even if the old piece of paper trick is… well, old, there are still excellent ways of concealing one and cheating using it. For example, you can hide a piece of paper between your thighs, under your feet or even between your exam sheet. You may even try gluing a paper note on the sole of your shoe, and, if you get caught, you will have the excuse that it simply got stuck to your shoe and you didn’t notice. Females may have an advantage here as their cleavage is quite useful in hiding a piece of paper, while teachers are much less likely to look for it there.

  • Using Coke Bottle

For this trick to work, your examiner need to allow you to carry a coke bottle in the examination room. Remove the label from the coke bottle. Write anything that you are not able to remember with a light pen. Put some glue on the label, paste it back on the bottle and there you go. Pull off the label, get the information and don’t forget to throw the label out.

  • Peeking Partner

Try to find a seat in the examination room near to the person who you think is well aware of the answers. Adjust your seat in such a way that you can peek easily into his/her answer sheet. Keep you head straight and move your eyes diagonally to directly look in to the answer sheet.

  • Using Pen and Paper

Use pen as a source to roll down a small piece of paper with some information,  required by you in an exam, inside the pen. Just make sure that the pen is not transparent one. When teacher is farthest from you, calmly open the pen, pull out the paper, write down the information in answer sheet and then again roll it down inside the pen. That’s it.

  • Use Signals

Signals are the most common technique to cheat in an exam. For instance, if an exam is of multiple choice raise your finger to tell the other person the question number for whom answer you are looking for. Once done, if you think second is the right answer, raise your two fingers, if fourth, raise your four fingers. The other person will respond back by raising the number of fingers. If he raises one finger, that means answer for that question is the first option.

  • Try Question Paper

You can use question paper as a cheat sheet in an exam. Ask your buddy to write the answer of the question with a pencil on the question paper. Take his question paper and give him yours. When you are done, erase the answers. Just make sure the examiner or teacher nowhere near you as the chances of getting caught are quite high.

  • Go To Bathroom

A pretty old technique to cheat in an exam to ask the teacher if you can go to washroom. You might end up in meeting any of your friend. Ask them if they know the answer of a question you are finding difficult to answer. You may even find some small notes made by other class mates.

  • Try Long Sleeves Method

Another approach is to use the long sleeves method. Write the information that you think might be helpful to you on your forearms. Then wear some long sleeves shirt and try to sit in a corner making the teacher presume that it’s suffocating and that’s why you have rolled up your shirt.

  • Use Hat Trick

Wear a hat and move your eyes diagonally , left or right easily. You can easily disguise a teacher as he/she won’t be able to look into your eyes and you can easily cheat in an exam.

Nail cheating tricks, water bottle, scribbled pencil case and many more are some other tricks to cheat in an exam. I will never promote cheating. If you decide to cheat off someone else, once again, be careful you don’t get caught. It’s also important to pick your target carefully, since it will be a completely useless effort to copy off someone that wrote everything wrong and thus failed you the exam. Try getting a seat near the smartest person in your class. If you’re friends with them, you will have an even better chance of getting something off them.

However, always remember that studying is the easiest way of getting over an exam, while still being a far method, unlike cheating.