How To Cure Facebook Addiction


There are researches showing that Internet addiction is becoming prevalent. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and believed to be a cause of venue for social media addiction. Many have become too engrossed with their Facebook account that they are believed to show symptoms of Facebook addiction. As of today, there are 900 million active users on Facebook.

To be diagnosed with Facebook addiction, one needs to manifest some symptoms such as the unreasonable length of time spent for using or checking their Facebook account, if their time for using Facebook can cause detrimental effects to their life resulting to neglect of work and responsibilities, among others. If you think that you are getting a stressful life and experiencing significant changes in your behavior, routine and personality because of Facebook, then you just might be one of the victims of Facebook addiction.

It is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with using Facebook or other social media sites for that matter. It only becomes an issue when you become too engaged with Facebook that it takes a toll on your life such as changing your behavior and affecting your ability to meet your responsibilities.

7 Solid Tips To Cure Facebook Addiction

1. Be Responsible

Modification of your behavior and attitude towards using Facebook can help cure your Facebook addiction. Using the site more responsibly means that you have to be more sensible on the length of time you spend on Facebook in a way that it will not interfere with the time you need to spend for other important things like doing chores, studying your lesson or other tasks that you need to do.

2. Self Discipline

Employees become addicted in using their Facebook account that as a result they become less productive at work. Students were not able to spend adequate time to study their lessons because of Internet addiction. These are signs of unhealthy routines that need to be prevented. One of the best ways to cure Facebook addiction would be to become more responsible and to impose self discipline especially on the time allotted for using one’s Facebook account.

3. Engage Yourself in Other Activities

Another way to cure a Facebook addiction is to find other worthwhile and productive activities to spend your time with. Engaging in sports activities after work or school is a good way of diverting your time in spending long hours of sitting while connected with the social network site. Instead of getting engrossed in playing the different social games available on Facebook, you can play real social games with friends and colleagues. Finding the right diversion is the key to prevent your Facebook addiction.

4. Build Social Network With Friends and Family

Building your own social network with family members, friends, and colleagues are good alternative ways of creating your own circle of socialization. In lieu of using the internet as a venue to socialize, you can strengthen your personal relationship with the people who are close to you whom you can spend time with.

5. Manage Time

Managing your time is another way that could help prevent Facebook addiction. You are not absolutely forbidden from using your Facebook account but you need time management when doing so. It is best to think about the purpose of opening your Facebook page before logging in to your account. Are you just checking for the latest update of your friends, uploading a video or picture, checking messages or to play games? You have to set a time frame to accomplish these things. You can set an alarm or timer to remind you it is time to log out. Constant reminder is a good way to start building self discipline when using your Facebook account.

6. Read Books or Travel To New Places

Go to nearest book shop and buy books, novels or comics which interest you most. This way it will be easy for you to pass your time and you can increase your knowledge. Spending most of the time in reading new books will keep you away from Facebook. Try not to read eBook on computer or laptop else you won’t be able to resist yourself from opening the Facebook page.

Make a plan with your friends or family and travel to an unexplored place. You will meet new people and visit new places which will give fresh air to your mind. Forget about all the stuff that’s happening on Facebook and make your journey a remarkable one. In short, logout yourself from Facebook till the time your are on trip.

7. Delete Facebook Account

If you think your activities or addiction in Facebook is becoming seriously unreasonable, you might consider deleting your account and avoiding visiting the site completely. This should be your last recourse when you think all other remedies cannot help you overcome your Facebook addiction. It is best to find other alternative activities to do that will make you completely overcome your urge to log in to your Facebook account. If you can avoid using internet, then do it to help cure your Facebook addiction.

No doubt, Facebook has changed people’s lives. It has allowed us to be in constant touch with our old friends and colleagues. We can share each and every thing happening around us on Facebook. In fact, we have become so engrossed to Facebook that we have started spending much of our time on Facebook rather doing any productive work. We have started enjoying the virtual space more than the real world. But, all one should remember is that Facebook is not everything. There are tons of other techniques to socialize with people. We just need to understand that are lot of interesting things in this world apart from Facebook.

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