How To Decide On A Honeymoon Destination


When one talks about wedding, the other thing that comes to mind is location for the honeymoon. Organizing for wedding can be really stressful especially when one lacks the appropriate people to assist in the planning stage. It is crucial to be as much detailed as possible on all events and prior planning that must take place beforehand. Apart from the logistical implications what one has to plan for before wedding, it is also important to plan on where to go for honey moon.

Honeymoon comes once in lifetime whereby newlyweds go to shortly after the wedding. It is considered to be the most expensive vacation couple takes in their lifetime. There are a number of resorts where people go for their honeymoon which I believe is informed by some factors. Below are some factors to consider when selecting the destination of your honeymoon.

How To Select Honeymoon Destination

Activities to do

This is considered to be the most important thing to consider when arranging your honeymoon. It is important to appreciate that it might be the hardest thing to agree on. This happens when the couples have divergent taste on activities they would like to do. Some couples like indoor activities whereas others prefer outdoor activities.

In such scenario, it is paramount to strike a balance so that every person enjoys the honeymoon. If you are traveling from Canada and want to explore and visit New York area, make sure you have an itinerary of things you want to do. Doing your homework will determine which resort or destination will meet your needs. Don’t be limited; you can do a lot of research through the internet and your Canadian friends can always give you advice about things to do while in New York. Remember, honeymoon comes once in a lifetime.


This is an important factor you need to consider before settling on your destination for the honeymoon. Look for weather pattern based on previous years to have a rough idea on how weather looks like during the period you intend to go for your honeymoon. You can also obtain this information from weather department.

It can be really boring to go for the honeymoon when the weather is not friendly. Different countries and parts of the world have different summers, rainy seasons, hurricanes, snow storms, etc. Do your research to assure that you and your beau will have a great time and be comfortable.

Time on vacation

This affects mostly people who are employed and who cannot determine on their own how much time they can be out of work. With limited time, the destination of honeymoon might be affected. Depending on time couples have, they can determine whether it is adequate to go overseas or within their country.


Different destinations for honeymoon have different charges. Depending on the budget line of the newlyweds, it will determine the location and destination of their honeymoon. Prepare a list of the things that you haven’t considered while looking for a honeymoon destination for e.g.: cab fares, lunch, dinner, sightseeing, fun activities. Also, if you are planning to go abroad, its better to look out for the currency exchange rate in advance to get the better price. It is therefore to budget for the destination in the early stages to avoid rush and complications at the last minute.

Honeymoon Travel Packages

Various travel agencies come up with honeymoon travel packages which you can avail and get luxurious honeymoon at a nominal price. Make sure you ask them for any hidden charges before taking up the offer.You may be given the option of choosing between cruise or stationary trip. If you both have clear focus what kind of visit you prefer, that would make the planning a lot easier for you.


You and your partner interest also plays a major role in deciding the honeymoon destination. If you both love beaches, sand, sun and water sports, it’s advisable to visit some exotic coastal regions. If you have love for the nature, visit places that are far away from modern cities and are less commercialized; preferably in mountains . If you have interest in discovering local culture you may visit India, Brazil, Mexico or Sri Lanka.


Nobody likes violence or insecurity. When deciding on the venue for the honeymoon, it is appropriate to inquire the security measures employed by the providers.

Honeymoon comes once in a lifetime. It’s the first time that you and your partner will be spending some days alone away from the usual work routine, so its better to proper research before selecting  a honeymoon destination. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra bucks even if you have to, if you can get good offer at some higher price.