How To Fall Asleep Early – How To Fall Asleep Fast


Sometimes you have an important thing to do early next morning. It may be just household chores, it may be a place you absolutely have to go to, it may even be an early wake-up call for work on which the future of your career may depend. Whatever the case is, sometimes you have to go to sleep early in order to wake up early, and this is not always such an easy thing to do.

The reason you usually can’t fall asleep if you go to bed earlier is because of your internal clock. If you’re used to going to bed at, say, 11 PM, then that’s what your body gets used to and you will feel less tired if you go to bed earlier and much more tired if you stay up later.

Ways to Sleep Quickly

For falling asleep early, there are, obviously, sleeping pills. However, these sometimes don’t even work and when they do they may have nasty side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and confusion. Because of their side effects and sometimes even possibility of addiction, sleeping pills aren’t so often the solution to your sleeping problem.

Make sure you sleep in the comfortable bed. The room should be airy and should be cooler than what is desired. A firm pillow and mattress are must for a sound sleep.

The first step to make is to plan your bed routine ahead. If you know you have to wake up early five days from now, then you should already start training your internal clock to do so. Start going to bed earlier several days before the day when you actually have to fall asleep early so that your body gets used to it. This doesn’t always make you able to fall asleep earlier, but it does help.

There are many other things that increase your drowsiness and likelihood of falling asleep earlier than normally. The first thing to consider is you amount of physical effort you do in the day. If you’re sedentary for the entire day and not move a lot, then the body will not need to re-energize itself and you will find falling asleep rather hard. If you practice some form of exercise or work the day when you want to fall asleep early, you will find yourself tired but much more likely to be able to fall asleep early.

Another trick is to shower a few hours before you want to fall asleep. Studies have shown that having a warm shower or bath increases the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. The shower should generally be between one and two hours before going to bed. Any earlier, and the melatonin increase will not have its full effect. Any longer, and it will simply wear off.

Also, sitting in a cozy bed has been shown to make you drowsier. If you go into your bed earlier than usual, once again, melatonin levels will be influenced so that you will feel drowsy even if the time is earlier than the time you usually go to sleep to.

Drink a glass of warm milk or herbal tea at-least an hour of going to sleep. Milk is rich in calcium and l-tryptophan, which help your body prepare for sleep.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas have found, that people who play games on computers and Ipod more tend to get less sleep than those who don’t. It could be distract you before going to sleep.

Wear an eye mask and make sure you eliminate all the light from your room and make it completely dark. avoid, sleeping in the room where there is an noise pollution. You may even wear ear plugs for this.

The most important. Do not eat heavy before going to bed. The reason being it would take some time for you to digest. It is recommended to have dinner at least two hour before going to sleep. Also, eat healthy and well balanced diet.

Read some novel before getting on to bed. Choose one of the boring novel or book and soon you will start yawning.

Add in a slow show instead of a too lively one that challenges your brain to wake it up and you will have a good nights’ sleep that will prepare you for the hard day you have ahead of yourself!