How to Get Back That New Car Smell!

How to Get Back That New Car Smell

There is always a certain amount of excitement that comes with buying a new car. You have a brand new set of wheels, you’ve probably picked a gorgeous color and of course there are the enhancements that you added like XM radio, a DVD player and built-in GPS system. But you know what you are really excited for is the fact that you get to enjoy that new car smell for the next week or two. You are already dreading the moment when you open your car door and get behind the wheel only to discover that the wondrous new car smell has vanished. Now’s your chance to get it back again, just follow these simple steps.

  • Start by taking care of your new car from the get-go. Be careful about the other types of scents that you bring into your car. The stronger scents you allow into your car, the quicker the new car smell will disappear. Scents that you should avoid in particular include cigarette smoke, fast food and coffee. All of these items have their own distinct scent that they bring along with them, and they will fight off and mask the odor of the new car quicker than anything else. For the time being, enjoy your new car by yourself without inviting these smelly guests along with you.
  • Keep your car out of the sun. One of the reasons your car has that wonderful scent is because of the new leather products that are located within the vehicle. This might be leather seats or it could be leather detail work within the car. Either way, this leather is moist when you buy it and over time, it will begin to dry out — which dries out that new car scent at the same time. Prevent this from happening by keeping your car out of the sun whenever possible. Park it in your garage when you are at home, and try to find a shady spot in the parking lots that you frequent. This will help to keep your leather moist and allow you to continue to enjoy the scent of your brand new car.


  • Use cleaning products that promote a natural car scent, rather than cleaning products that have their own strong scents associated with it. A lot of cleaning products have their own strong and distinct scent, many of them citrus-scented. This will overpower your natural car scent, and will take away that new car smell even though you are cleaning your vehicle. Opt instead for other products, such as DCCarCare products which are designed to provide you with a natural-smelling automobile experience while still enjoying a fresh, clean car.
  • Keep your car picked up and clean at all times. When you keep a tidy car, the chances are lower that something will get lost or buried in the mess. You don’t want trash or food to be buried under piles of paperwork and clothes, as this will produce a foul smell that will surely wipe out the new car smell you have been working so hard to maintain. Not to mention, it is unsafe and unsanitary. The best bet for you, for your car and for its glorious scent is to keep it neat and clean no matter what.
  • Purchase a few new mats for the floor of your vehicle. Not only will these new mats help to protect the flooring of your car from the elements, but they also bring with them a fresh wave of new car smell. This will help to refresh and rejuvenate the scent, and give you more reason than ever before to get in your car and simply drive.
  • Try out a new steering wheel cover. Leather steering wheel covers will smell similar to a brand new car, and can help bring that burst of scent back into your car that you were looking for all along. This is another unique trick to getting back that smell that seems to disappear all too soon. Then you can start the process of preserving the scent all over again.
  • If all else fails, there’s always the little pine tree that boasts “New Car Smell.” It may not be as good as the real thing, but it’s pretty close! You can find these nifty little gadgets just about any department store or auto shop. Let’s face it, these air fresheners not only give you that burst of new car scent but they also look stylish dangling from your rear view mirror. Just make sure your favorite blue pine tree doesn’t become an obstruction while you are driving.

The fact of the matter is, over time the new car smell will dissipate as you use your car on a regular basis. However, these steps will help you preserve that elusive scent for as long as possible. Adding new touches to your car will help bring it back again for a short period of time, and preventative maintenance on your car will allow you to enjoy it for the maximum amount of time. In addition to being able to bask in the glory of the new car smell for weeks longer than the rest of your fellow car-owners, you will also receive the benefit of a car that will be in good working condition for many years to come.