How To Get Better Mobile Blogging Experience


The world is tending mobile, and every internet activities is going mobile, especially the social media platforms, all of them are concentrating to create the mobile platform where anybody can make use of them, anywhere, anytime. Blogging is not an exception, it is now an old school idea that you must be on your computer system before you do something on your blog. There are some tools that would help you get a mobile blogging experience.

Tool for Mobile Blogging


Mobify is a mobile commerce platform, and can also be used for blogging to experience a mobile blogging. The tool is free and it is called Mobify Studio, which allows bloggers to make use of web based GUI tool, for text, video and image selection.

Whenever you wish to introduce a new content such as a blog post, this mobile blogging tool is able to creep into your existing CMS such that whenever you make a update through the desktop, the mobile site will content will automatically mirrors it.


Blogger is a blogging platform by Google; it has its mobile blogging option, and can be used on any device that is able to send texts or email.

Mail-to-Blogger is a feature that transforms an email account to content posting application. You can activate by going through “settings” in your blogger account.

Blogger also offers a mobile blogging through SMS, you will have to send “REGISTER” to 256447 to activate.


WordPress being the best content management system on PC, is also tending to take the atmosphere in the mobile blogging industry, it has develops app for blogging on almost any mobile device, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Others. You can write post, edit pages, upload images and respond to comments on your blog through your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Both the downloaded and self hosted is archived in the iTunes store.


You can also publish content via your mobile device and email via this micro-blogging tool called Tumblr. This mobile blogging app allows you to post text, videos and photos after setting up your private email on your Tumblr blog. It can be downloaded in the iTunes store for the iPhone.


This mobile blogging app is very good for iPad users. The functionality is designed according to the touch features of the iPad, you can add videos and photos to your blog post by simply dragging and dropping them into the post.

You are also able to drag images from Picasa, Flickr, YouTube or Image search from Google into the mobile blogging interface. WordPress, Posterous and Blogger are a good partner with blogsy.


This mobile blogging application is similar is to Tumblr and supports iPhone and Androids. You are able to update your blog from any phone that has emailing using the address,


This mobile blogging platform can utilize the email and mobile phone. You can blog with TypePad on your Palm OS 5, Windows mobile 5 and 6, iPhone and Symbian Series 60, and the iPod Touch which has the mobile email device.


You would have heard about Instagram, it is a mobile blogging platform that is utilized by the iPhone users to share photos to get feedback instantly. It is available in the iTunes store.

This app is for photo management, and allows you to take photo with your mobile phone to share with complete captions on Instagram; you will tie it in geolocation information, as you like. The mobile blogging app is integrated with Facebook, Flickr Posterous, Foursquare, Twitter, and Tumblr.


With Cinchast, you are able to conveniently create and share audio podcasts. You can embed audio content to your blog through your mobile phone with this mobile blogging tool. Cinchast also allows you to share post on iTunes, Facebook and Twitter.

These are nine of the tools that make mobile blogging more easy and possible.