How To Get More Likes On Facebook


Millions of people all over the world now have their own Facebook accounts. Indeed, everything is just so modern now. Before when you want to talk to a person you really had to exert a lot of effort. But now, you can just visit the Facebook profile of your friend online. You can add your friends, classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. Having a Facebook account helps you connected to other people even if you cannot see them. With the different features that can be used in the Facebook platform, you can posts photos, status and you can even send different messages. In fact, you can also have a video chat. Facebook even allows its users to like the posts of other people. Online users can just click the like button.

Both businessmen and individuals would want to get more likes on FB. If you are a businessman, you can actually increase your popularity by making use of the different social networking sites. Since Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, many businessmen would have their own Facebook page. They would definitely want to get many likes on FB as this reflects market visibility. For individuals, it is also important for some people to get many likes especially since some of them want to be popular.

Ways To Increase Likes On Facebook

1. Suggest Your Page to Your Friends

Unless you make your posts public, there is no other way that you can get more likes if you have a limited set of friends. To be popular, you have to add as many friends as you want. If you are business owner then you will not have any difficulty in adding other people. But for individuals, it might be a bit difficult especially since there are people who do not accept friend requests by other people that they do not know.

By adding many friends, you can increase your chances of getting more likes on FB. Whether you post a status, a note or even photos, you can get many likes.

2. Have Unique Posts

Social media play a very important role in information dissemination. If you want to have many likes, you can actually post unique and creative posts on Facebook. For instance, if you have nice photos then you can just share it to the public. If these images are really nice then you can expect that many people will like the photos or even the whole album itself. Since Facebook allows its users to share different contents then other people can also view your posts. If you have anything to share and you think it is socially relevant and significant then you can get many people to view your posts and like these posts.

3. Be Active

If you really want to increase your market visibility, you have to be active in managing your account in Facebook. From time to time, you need to share different photos and other posts. As much as possible, you should also search for other people that you might now so that you can add them in your friend’s list.

4. Buy Facebook Likes

Well, we won’t suggest you to do that, simply because most of the companies provide fake likes. However, you can try some top level companies which offer to provide guaranteed likes for your page for a fee. If you can get those those likes for a small payment, you are good to go.

5. Publish Post At Scheduled Time

It is believed that people spend most of the time before lunch and during evening on Facebook. Schedule your post using Hootsuite to post them on the page at a particular time. This way your post will appear on top of your users Facebook account.

6. Facebook Ads

Create an advertising campaign for your Facebook page. The best thing about this is that you can create a daily budget and provide your interests based on demographics , gender and interest groups.

7. Tweet Facebook page on Twitter

You can use your Twitter page to promote your Facebook page. Create a link of your Facebook page on your Twitter profile. This will surely drive some users to your Facebook page.

8. Ask Your Twitter Followers To Like Your Facebook Page

You can ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook page. Give them a strong reason to join your page. Just asking to join page won’t generate any interest in them.

9. Customize your Facebook Page URL

Facebook has a feature under which when your page will have more than 25 likes, then you can choose custom URL for your page. The custom URL will no doubt be easy for your users to remember. They can easily refer your page to other people.

10. Include Your Facebook page URL in Your Email Signature

When ever you send any mail to your friends or colleagues, do input your Facebook URL in your signature. Each user that will receive your email will have a chance to look at your page.

11. Tag Your Fans

Whenever you post a image or video, tag the users of your page. They will get the notification on their account and this will in turn drive more traffic to your blog.

12. Add Facebook Like Box to Your Website

To get more likes on Facebook page, make sure your website or blog has like box widget enabled on it. The Facebook widget makes it more convenient for users to click like button straight away.

13. Put your Facebook URL in Email Digest

You can put your Facebook URL in email digest which is subscribed by your users. It is most probable that if they liked the content they would like to get your page liked. Instead of letting them search on the Facebook, it would be better to include the URL in the email digest itself.

14. Involve Related Groups

A group consists of many users. If a group like you page, then all the users that are in that group will receive the updates from your page. You can contact the admin of that page to get your page liked by them. The more users see your post, the chances of getting more likes will certainly increase.

15. Post URL on Business Card, Letter Head

Using these tips, you can definitely increase the number of likes on your Facebook account. It is just important that you share own posts or photos. You also have to be active in posting on the Internet. In that way, you can get many people to view your profile and get many likes. You can then increase your market visibility online. You just have to keep in mind that you can only posts things that you own. When you reach the number of likes that you need then it follows that your social networking account. It means that there are many people who are now following you. Whatever posts you provide online, for sure there are many people who will like it.

Thought here are various other ways to get more likes for your Facebook page, but the above mentioned are most commonly used. Let us know in the comments section if we have missed out anything worth mentioning here.