How To Get Pregnant


Most women will aspire to have a child one day in their lifetime. There is nothing that is stressful as a woman not getting the child when she really needs one. For a woman to become pregnant, she must be fertile and at the same time, get sperms from a viable man. It of common knowledge that some men are impotence, meaning their sperm cannot fertile an egg from the female.

In this regard, for a woman to get pregnant, she must be fertile and at the same time receive viable sperms. With the current advancement in technology, it is possible to get either a boy or a girl for those women who are interested in determining the gender they want to give birth to. It is also possible to find fertile couples finding it difficult to get pregnant. This might be as a result of poor timing of ovulation period.

Below Are Few Tips On How To Get Pregnant

Your Health

Female body responds differently on stress and pressure. Since the body is capable of determining whether it is ready for pregnancy, it is possible to find a fertile woman not conceiving. Some of the reasons that can lead to this scenario is body fat. For a woman to conceive, the body fat must reach a certain percentage.

Very low overall body fat reduces the probability of conceiving even when all other factors are constant. Athletes are some of the people who might experience this problem. If you discover body fat is the one preventing you from conceiving, reduce the intensity of exercise to increase overall body fat in. also, when one’s body is not healthy, so many mechanisms might be shut off. A good health is one of the surest ways of enhancing possibilities of getting pregnant.


Proper timing of ovulation cycle is an important aspect that all women should consider. Make it a habit to understand your cycle as this will help to determine the most appropriate time you can conceive. Having sex on the ovulation period is the best way to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Do proper timing to get pregnant. It is futile effort to have sex when you can not conceive as this will only give you pleasure but not the baby.

Stay put after sex

Most people tend to rush to get a shower or urinate immediately after sex. This can lower the chances of conceiving. Having sex at the ovulation period is the first step, secondly, learn to relax in bed, lying down for at least 5 minutes. This time allows sperms to have swum a considerable distance in the woman body.

Remember for fertilization to take place, the sperm and egg must get into contact. Studies have shown that having some minutes without rushing to the toilet increases the chances of getting pregnant.


Just like anything that grows, a conducive environment is called upon. Infection in the woman vagina can affect the sperm viability with factors like PH and infection affecting the sperm. It is therefore important to maintain body hygiene and cleanliness to get pregnant.

Sperm Potency

Despite where a woman intends to get sperm from, they must be viable. There are two ways in which a woman can get the sperm. A woman can buy sperms from sperm banks or by having sex with a man. The key thing to consider is the potency of the sperm a woman will get.

This can be determined through lab tests or any other method that will work. For example, a man who is known to have impregnated women can be considered to be potent. Determine the health of the man or potency of sperm bought and this will increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Enjoy While Making Out

Normally for couples sex becomes a mechanism to conceive and is not as enjoyable. You need to plan out a evening to spice up your sex life. Watching an adult movie together and playing with each other body can further enhance the chance to get pregnant fast. “The most important thing to remember is to keep sex fun,” says Felicia Stewart, M.D., coauthor of Understanding Your Body: Every Woman’s Guide to Gynecology and Health.

Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Don’t even think of smoking or take alcohol if want to get pregnant. Most of the modern women smoke despite knowing the fact that it affects the unborn baby. It is advisable to stop smoking, using drugs or alcohol till you find out you are pregnant and if you find out that you are pregnant then postpone the use of alcohol till you deliver the baby.

Have sex objectively to achieve what you need. For those who can’t buy sperms, make it a habit to have sex with your partner. You can’t get pregnant without sex unless you are buying the sperm.