How To Get Your Hair Bleach Ready

Bleaching Preparation Tips For Your Hair

These days, a lot of people are sporting the dip dye trend. If you are one of the people who wish to join in this amazing craze, then I would like to tell you that bleaching is definitely involved in the process. Hair bleaching involves reducing the amount of pigment in your hair by making use of chemicals. If you wish to have a successful dip dye trend, then it is a must that you first prepare yourself and your hair for the bleaching process. Here are some things that you should do before hair bleaching:

1.    Trim your hair. If you have split ends, bleaching your hair will just magnify this hair problem. When you cut off these split ends, you will pave the way for a healthier surface for the bleach. Your hair will certainly look more smooth once the bleaching process is over.

2.    Have a strand test. This is one test that you should take before you push through with the hair bleaching process. You can ask your hair stylist to do the test before you schedule a bleaching session with them. If you prefer to do the bleaching on your own, then it is best that you still take this test a few days before the day of your bleaching.

3.    A few months before the bleaching session, try to reduce or completely eliminate the use of heat-powered styling tools. We all know how useful a flat iron, blower or curling iron can get. However, you need to say goodbye to these styling tools if you wish to have your hair bleached. Some hair professionals would say that you should stop using these a week before you decide to bleach. For better results, try to go hiatus from these tools for a month or so. As we all know, the heat that these styling tools produce may create a big damage to your hair. It is best that your hair is at its healthiest condition before you bleach.

4.    Deep condition your hair on a regular basis. Bleaching has the tendency to dry out your hair since you will be reducing the amount of its pigment. This is why the hair should have an adequate amount of moisture before you bleach it. Several weeks prior to the scheduled bleaching session, it is highly recommended that you deep condition it. A few days before the schedule, condition it with the use of a mild conditioner.

5.    It is best that you wash your hair about 24 hours before bleaching. When you wash your hair a few hours before or right prior to bleaching the hair, it has the tendency to not soak in bleach. Your efforts will just be put to waste.

6.    Remove any build up or chemicals from your hair before you bleach it. On the week that you plan to bleach your hair, it is best that you shampoo it with a clarifying solution two to three times. By doing this, your hair will be stripped off any build up or chemicals As a result, the bleach will have a better base.