How To Grow Outside Your Comfort Zone


Growing outside your comfort zone is a big challenge for everyone. We are all build and made in such a way that we always do things only comfortable to us. This matter has not only started days ago but since we were small. From the time we were small, we were gown in an environment with a lot of care, and a lot of attention. We were told on what to do and when we tried to do beyond our comfort zone we were stopped and punished.

So that fear in our hearts is still there in our lives. That effect even up to today affects us in numerous ways. When we meet friends and we go out and if there is something that everyone wants to do and you are the only one who does not want to do it, are you going to be the one who will not participate? Are you simply going to look at them have fun and you just sit there and wait? It is time to get out of that fear and have some real fun. Here are some tips for all of us as to how to grow outside of your comfort zone.

“We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.”
~~ Thomas Edison

10 Things You Must Do To Grow Outside Your Comfort Zone

1. Accept Challenges

This is a big thing for all of us. The best way to face our fears is to face them. If a person is afraid of water, the only way to challenge water is to go jumping into a pool of water. It may sound really freaky but, who knows after you find it out, you may love it more than anything. Accepting challenges are not like jumping off a mountain. Those are only for professionals and people who have done before. But Accept challenges only which are small. Do not go to do the undoable. This will risk your life and at the end of the day you might even lose your life.

2. Always Show Positive Attitude

Always have a positive attitude. If you have a negative attitude and always think that you can’t, forever you will not be able to do it. The key is to always think positive things. Negative things can push you away from a lot of things in life. This can affect a person’s mentality. Think positive and fight for what you believe. You can always start small.  Even the word “yes” can take you to a higher level Instead of having a “No” in your life.  A positive attitude that’s what all it takes you to fight those feelings and get out of your comfort zones.

3. Do Something New or Creative

Aren’t you tired of your life? Doing the same things every day? You wake up, have your meals and do work and get back to bed. Are you thinking of running the same circle every day? There are many fun things to do in the world. Figure them out. Open yourself for new things. This can change you instead of being the same old person every day. Learn and live life instead living your life the same way. There should be a variety in life instead of the same story. No one would like to read a story book with the same thing repeating right? There should be adventure, humor, romance, thriller just like a movie.

In self growth, when we say you’re comfortable, what we really mean is that you’re not growing. You’re not stretching yourself. You’re satisfied where you are, and not making any real effort to move forward out of that situation. ~~ David B Bohl

4. Do something that Scares You

Are you scared of flying or jumping from height or swimming or ghosts? If the answer to this question is yes then try to face your fear and challenge it. Since childhood, I was scared of going in a dark room. Soon I realized that I had to overcome my fear. I used to work on my laptop with all lights closed, forgetting that there is no one in the room except me. This went on quite some time and few months later I was just outside my comfort zone. It enhanced my self confidence so much that today I don’t even think twice while trying something different.

5. Try To Bring Some Change

We all have been doing some kind of monotonous activities in our daily routine. Why not to shift the path and achieve the same task some different way. What will  it cost? I say Nothing. This will relieve you from boredom and put pressure on your mind to complete the task in given time frame without following the old path. You could change your hair style, pick up a bus instead of car, eat Italian instead of Chinese, patch up with old enemies, say hi to girl next door. There are numerous opportunities to grow outside your comfort zone. All you need is to look up and accept them. As they say, “Wise people don’t do different things; they do things differently”

6. Say Yes To Challenging Opportunity

Have you ever been faced and opportunity and you said No to it just because you thought you won’t be able to do it. If that is so, than gear up courage and take up the next opportunity that come across your way. Just don’t think of failure. At-least this will help you to learn something new and you as well as your comfort zone will grow.

7. Do Social Work / Volunteer

We all must agree on this. Most of us just complain all through our lives and always say “System needs to change”. We all have been suffering since years whether its corruption, politics, child marriages, tree conservation, racism, poverty, child labor, child abuse and lot more. Come outside your  home. Join an NGO and give your helping hand to those persons who need you desperately. Just volunteer yourself.

8. Challenge A Expert

Find some thing that interest you most, lets say blogging. If you find that interesting, than give any expert a challenge in that field. It requires huge courage to do something like this, but you need to do it if you want to come outside your comfortable life and want to prove something to yourself. The path may not be easy and it may require extensive hard work to beat the guy on the other side. But a the end of day you will possess enormous amount of self confidence inside you which won’t stop to challenge few others experts too.

9. Plan a Long Adventurous Journey On Bike

This might give you jitters in your stomach, but that’s true. Call up your friends and plan an adventurous road journey with them. You will be among those few persons who think of doing such daring things and this will keep you in a separate league. You are going to do something that other don’t even dream of. You need to stretch out of your comfort zone to reach faster to your goals.

10. Think about Things That Make You Uncomfortable

There could be lot of things that make each of us bit uncomfortable doing them. Step out and look out for such things. One might be uncomfortable while dancing, the other one might be uncomfortable sleeping alone at home or while participating in a group discussion. You need to come out of your comfort zone by looking for such things that make you uncomfortable and then start working towards them. You may join dance classes to learn dance, or take some coaching classes to crack group discussion. This will allow you to overcome your fear and set up new goals in life.

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Think about it for a while. There are so many things this world has to offer. Accepting it is totally up to you. If you are not into activities, there are many clubs and social support groups available for you. Working with them, participating in their projects will also take you to a higher level. These groups also help you to come out of your comfort zones, meet new people, work with them and live a new life instead of a life which is trapped in between work and your house. Have a variety in life and live life to the fullest. There is a world out there waiting for you. You need to go explore and live it. It will not come to you.