How to Handle Criticism


Criticism is a world common issue in almost every field of life. However, its prevalence is relatively more in the work field. People criticize others due to many reasons and most of the time it is due to their own internal fear. If you cannot handle criticism properly, you are going to destroy your personality and ruin your skills. However, sometime criticism is helpful unless you take it positively. A good example is a T.V. anchorperson, if he takes criticism seriously, he can analyze about his flaws in communication, or research. Sometime even, he can get new story for his show.

Anyway, in this article you will learn how to handle criticism that maybe destroys your career otherwise.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” ~~
Eleanor Roosevelt

5 Effective Ways To Handle Criticism

1. Reply Calmly

A very first piece of advice is that never ever reply to such comment right away. It is not rare that people often get angry, offended, and sometime even extremely defensive against criticism. Most of the time, becoming offensive always ruins the situation. Actually, if get angry as a result of criticism, it means you lose the table.

The reason is that people who are criticizing you are done for the purpose to make you angry most of the time. Therefore, always take these kinds of things normally, and continue your work in the normal manner and never reply right away. Always take few deep breaths, watch the condition closely, and reply with calmness. This will not only result in the better answer, but also frustrate to another person.

2. Listen Up

Another tip to handle criticism is to hear it keenly. As discussed earlier, that criticism can be a source of your personal development. By criticizing by another person, sometime you come to know about the many flaws in your personality. If you analyze it, you can improve your personality by eliminating those flaws. Therefore, it is not the right way to get mad on other instantly.

Swallow your pride. Be humble, listen to others, think wisely, and answer the question in a polite way. Everyone has his own view, as you have yours. Therefore, don’t try to prove yourself as Mr. Perfect.

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.” ~~ Abraham Lincoln

3. Consider

Some people might criticize because they have to or its just that they have a habit of doing so. If you get criticized by someone who you think has  right point, then give a thought over it. Not all criticism are equal. Some might have a valid point. If an expert is giving you some suggestion, then its advisable to consider his/her suggestions. Understand the opinion of the person who is your idol and take his/her suggestion in a better way. Just ask yourself, if your were to follow their advice in completing a given task, would the final result could have been any different? Try to look at things from different perspective.

4. Seek Advice

Take criticism positively, at least once in a life. Think about it, and ask questions from the respective person to make the basics clear. Analyze the situation, discussed it with your family, teachers, seniors, and friends. If it is helpful, adopt it and say thanks to the person. If not, handle it properly. It is not the way to shout out for any reason even if you 100% right. It makes your reputation bad. Instead, if you behave calmly, and answer with proper reasons, you might have won the situation.

Sometime, if you keep your behavior polite, keep yourself calm, and response nicely to a person who is doing unnecessary criticism, he will lose his worth eventually or at least he will realize that he is wrong, and he may stop doing it after some time. Everything will be fine. Moreover, you will increase your personal image higher in that particular person’s mind and in all other of your colleagues as well.

4. Don’t Let Down

It’s easy to get let down by other people who criticize you. Give yourself a break and just hang on. Not everybody is expert out there in the middle. Everyone learns from his mistakes, seeks advice from his seniors and improves himself. Some people easily get stressed thinking that there is too much to learn and they might not be  able to reach at a point where they should be. You need to give yourself some time and don’t let criticism take over you.

5. Improve, If You find Criticism Healthy

There could be large number of criticism that you hear everyday from various people. Just ignore the negative criticism and take up positive criticism. Focus on areas that you think need improvement. In short, create a plan that makes most sense to you. Create a plan for yourself and track your progress to determine the final outcome. Lets say, earlier you might thought that to achieve task ‘A’, you need to take the approach ‘B’. But later you were told by some expert that if you were to take the path ‘C’, the outcome would come in short time and it would be much better. You followed his advice and see the improved changes. This way you get a chance to learn something and do things differently

Always choose your path by your own. If you follow someone’s model, you will face a lot of criticism. Therefore, it is always better to make your own personal worth with your own style. This will create less chances for others to criticize you. It is because, they will need time to analyze your thinking, working style, and personality. This period is enough to acclimatize yourself in the new environment and it will be really easy to handle or even counter any kind of criticism against you.