How To Hire A Chauffeur Driven Car In London

For those who are thinking of visiting London for vacations this summer, there is lot that can be done to make your stay a luxurious one. London has best of hotels which offer you the most elite, vintage and classical suites which are world renowned. Add on to this, you can even hire a chauffeur driven luxurious cars.

These cars are available in London for a wedding and for any other special occasions. They’ll be at your service when you have to woo your partner on a special dinner date or go out for sightseeing in style. All you need to do is hire chauffeur driven cars London, stay poised and sit back to enjoy all the comforts along with luxury. Here are few tips that’ll help you to hire these luxury rides in London. .

Reliability– It is not always applicable, but companies which have successfully been in business for long are more reliable. It is advisable that you go through the testimonials provided on their websites. You can even try to track down their locations and their contacts before you finalize them.

Analyze Price And Services – Hiring a chauffeur driven luxurious car means you pay a good part of your fortune. So it is very crucial that you do a good analysis about the price these companies are offering for a hire.  You may even negotiate. But if you want to go frugal then the best you can do is cut on few unnecessary add-ons these companies give. This may help you save little sterling.

Read Terms and conditions – The terms and condition of the car hire are drafted very smartly. Make sure you go through each and every point carefully and then decide to go for a car hire. You should go for a car hire company which is more conducive for clients.

Marque Specific – Do a good lot of research on the cars you want to hire, like you can browse through the various Marques available at various car hire companies. If you are very specific about a particular brand, for instance Bentley car hire then go for car rental companies that exceptionally deal with that specific car brand.

Waivers – It is advisable that you go with the company whose cars are insured. Before you sign the policy make sure they have an insurance policy that gives maximum cover and adequate waivers e.g. Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Waiver.  There should be an optimum limit to the amount payable by you in case of damage.

Scrutinize – Always check the condition of the car before you take a ride in it. Luxurious cars have expensive maintenance, so before let the owner know about the defect beforehand. In case it is discovered afterwards the cost is not levied on you. Also check the fuel available in the tank at the time of hiring.

Returning The Car On Hire – Often companies fix some other place as the last destination. In such a case you need to schedule your last car hire well in advance so you can return the car on time. If the clock runs fast you will land up paying extra for the next half a day or even a full day. Also make sure you return the car with the same level of gasoline as it was at the time of hiring, or else you might have to settle it by paying more than what few gallons of gasoline would cost you.