How To Improve Relations With Co-workers


Working harmoniously with others is a vital component to an organization. Workers wrangles can bring a company down or cause unjustifiable poor service delivery. Most organization are currently encouraging a harmonious relationship between workers.

Research has shown that organizations whose workers relate well are more productive than those where workers have issues in relating with one another. However, enhancing a cordial relationship in a work place is not an easy task one needs to know the kind of staff he has employed to determine their compatibility with others in work place.

Ways to Improve Relations With Co-workers

  • Communication

Communication is one of the key elements that can be effectively used to improve relationship with others. In most cases, people fall apart due to lack of proper channels of communication. With open communication, the relationship between workers is greatly enhanced. Poor communication plays a pivotal role in creating conflicts and misunderstanding between the workers.

To improve in this area, communication skills are a must. It is important to analyze your communication skills and have a log that will guide you to determine how your communication skills affect harmonious coexistence with other workers.

One should take time to understand the likes and dislikes of other workers in the organization. At times people create conflict where it should not. Since people were created and brought up differently, it is important to dig deeper on what annoys them. Armed with such information, one can effectively avoid provoking the workmates in the organization.

  • Treat Co-workers with Respect

The reason as to why at times people find it difficult to co-exist with others appropriately is due to lack of respect. It is paramount to appreciate diversity within the world populace. Since world has become a global place, it is unlikely for one to find an organization having employed all its workers from one tribe.

In this regard, most organization will have employees from different cultures and social background. This therefore calls for respect of other peoples’ culture, values and philosophies. We can never think in the same way and if people fail to recognize this fact, they will always be in conflicts.

  • Never Interfere in each others Work

Workers are given different responsibilities in an organization. To make sure you co-exist harmoniously with others, avoid interfering with their assignments. Never pretend to know everything when in the real sense, you do not have adequate facts. Letting people do their assignments without interfering with them limits the likelihood of creating conflicts within workers and thereby helps to improve relations with co-workers.

  • No Back Biting

In a work place, most people tend to backbite others which ends up in creates rifts within the workers fraternity. To enhance good relationship, it is important for workers to avoid talking on others back as this only creates bad blood between the parties involved.

  • Listen To Them

Don’t ever rush to conclusions before listening to their viewpoint. They might have a different view of looking at a particular thing due to personal or cultural differences. Wait until they finish. Even if you don’t agree with their view point, understand and analyze it before giving your opinion. Listening, is an effective tool to improve relations with co-workers.

  • Plan Informal Meetings

Do plan lunch, dinner or evening tea with your co-workers outside the office . This will bring harmony as well as increase your comfort level. You get to know more about their family, relationships and personal life apart from the daily office work. It will help you in building rapport with them.

  • Resolve Conflicts Politely

When you work together, differences are bound to occur due to difference in opinion, view and thoughts.  Sit together and try to resolve them in a courteous manner to improve relations. Even if that doesn’t help, plan a meeting with your manager or supervisor. Don’t let your relations suffer just because of difference in opinion.

  • Help Them in Times of Distress

Helping co-workers in times if distress creates healthy relationships. Your colleague might be overloaded with office work. You can share that work, if you have bandwidth available. This will improve your image in his/her eyes.  In turn, they may also offer help when you are going through such difficult times.

  • Knowledge Sharing

Do plan training and knowledge sharing sessions with your co-workers. This will help in increasing knowledge as well as increase bonding between all of you. They may also educate you on some areas where you are lacking and thus helps in improving relations.

  • Share Awards and Achievement

When you receive award, credit or recognition for the work you have done, always take time and mention the name of your colleagues to thank and recognize their efforts who helped you in achieving that task. This is in turn necessary to build effective work relationships.

Every member in a team plays an important role towards organization progress. To improve on the workers co-existence and harmonious relationship, employees should view others as part of the organization with the view that they work towards one organization. Never underrate the work of others. Appreciate them and they will respect and reciprocate. Follow the above mentioned points and see how your relationship set to improve with your co-workers.