How To Improve Relationships At Work


Having a good working relationship at work is important as it gives a healthy working environment that helps you deal with the daily stress at work. Dealing with difficult people is another stress that makes you feel uncomfortable at work. It does not give you the peace of mind to concentrate at work especially when a strained working relationship between the people you work with and yourself or among your co-workers exists within the organization.

You need strategies on how to improve relationships at work. Employees are more productive if their working environment is peaceful and fosters good working relationships among them. If the working environment if not good, then that will increase employee retention. Here are the top 8 ways to improve relationships at work that could help you live in a more comfortable, friendly, peaceful and supportive working environment.

8 Quick Tips To Improve Relationships At Work

1. Open Communication

Keep an open communication at work to improve relationship between your team members. Misunderstandings usually arise when there is miscommunication among workers. It is crucial that the channel of communication is open within the working environment as it helps those concerned to address them at the earliest time before the issue gets out of hand. Communication allows employees understand the needs of their co-workers and it improves their ability to adjust to each other.

2. Be Transparent and Fair

Become transparent with your dealings with colleagues. Workers need to be transparent in order to understand what the other wants and needs in terms of their expectations of performing their job responsibilities. It is difficult to build a working environment where employees are always living in assumptions without any clear goals to achieve.

If communicating a certain task to other employees it is important to give the instruction clearly in order to help the worker concerned deliver accurately what is expected of them to do. In this way, working relationships at work becomes a team work process where each worker gives concern to the others and assists them in performing their work well.

3. Be Role Model For Others

Be an example to others. You can set a standard of behavior that your co-workers should view as ideal in terms of work performance and efficiency. If you want to start improving your working environment, you might as well begin with yourself. People will take you as a role model and you can start a chain of changes in the working attitude of your fellow employees. This can foster a good working environment to you and the organization as a whole.

4. Share Tasks

Build the spirit of team building. It is easier to accomplish tasks when all workers are able to work together with concerted effort to achieve a common goal. It is important for each worker to give assistance to each other and makes working more fun and enjoyable to do when there is someone to work that can ease the burden of accomplishing a task.

5. Develop Peace Making Attitude

Do not take sides between employees who are having a fight. Instead become the peace maker. Do not encourage employees who have issues against each other to fight instead encourage them to settle amicably and peacefully. Some employees who take sides can further aggravate the misunderstanding and makes things worse. The best you can do is to become rational and help the parties resolve their conflicts.

6.  Give Respect

Treat fellow employees with respect. Regardless of your rank and position, it is important to show respect to the employees without discrimination on their position at work. Employees always have a good working relationship when they can give mutual respect to each other. Try to avoid jealousy at work. This would do more bad than good to you.

7. Create Friendly Working Environment

Develop a friendly and relaxed working environment. Try to show positive attitude at work and do not pester your fellow workers with unnecessary complaints. A mere smile and taking the time to ask your fellow workers how they are is a good way to make them more comfortable. Doing these can lighten up the mood and your happy disposition can be contagious to everyone. It can actually build a good working relationship at work with a happy working environment to perk the mood of your fellow employees.

8. Plan Social Gatherings

Plan lunch or dinner with your colleagues once a fortnight. This will help you to build rapport with them and improve relationship. These gatherings are also helpful to resolve any differences or conflicts arising between team members as a part of their daily work routine. You can share jokes, know each other family, talk about your hobbies and listen to each other thoughts and opinions.