How To Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant


Getting pregnant for some women is easy but a great challenge comes to those who are having difficult time conceiving even after being married for several years. For couples who are unable to have children of their own can be a frustrating feeling. Others even seek medical help and work up in to order to increase fertility and the chances of conceiving. But there are actually practical ways that a couple should do in order to prepare themselves and enhance procreation. Both of them should pay attention on their general health and lifestyle.

Top Ten Tips To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

1. Have Sex Regularly

Having sex regularly is one the key factor to increase the chances of conceiving. Often couples do not try it regularly, which delays the pregnancy. The best time is to have sex at the time of ovulation which is around day 14 of your menstrual cycle. Do not undertake sex as a job to produce babies. Spice up your sex life by trying something different for our partner. In fact, enjoying sex is necessary to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Identify Menstrual Cycle

It is important that the couple is able to prepare their bodies. It is important the women know their menstrual cycle and identify her fertile period. In this way, you as couple can decide on the right timing. If the wife has been using contraceptive like pills, it is time to throw these away to increase the chances of getting pregnant.  There will be some irregularities after you stop taking the pills but this is just usual and temporary. You have to know that the first month after you have stopped using pills is her fertile period.

3. Intake Vitamins and Supplements

Another way to augment fertility is to take vitamins and supplements that would enhance the chances of the woman to conceive. One good vitamin supplement for women which can help reduce the chances of birth defects is folic acid. This is a recommended supplement for pregnant women and those who are planning to conceive. Folic acid can reduce the risk of serious birth defects for baby. Since you cannot get enough folic acid on your regular diet, you need to supplement and take the vitamins at least three months before you are planning to get pregnant. Men can take supplements like vitamins E, c and zinc to improve sperm production and quality.

4. Stop Smoking and Drinking

Lifestyle and food intake play an essential role as well if you want to increase your chances of conceiving. There are certain things that you should avoid just like doing away with smoking, drinking and even drugs because these increase your risk of miscarriages, premature birth and unhealthy babies.  Smoking affects fertility and therefore even your partner should avoid it because it lowers sperm count. You should avoid even secondhand smoke for this will negatively affect your chances of getting pregnant.

5. Reduce Caffeine Intake

For those who are trying to conceive should reduce too much caffeine intake. According to a research, taking too much caffeine can lessen your ability to absorb iron. Your pregnancy can be risky and there is an impending danger of stillbirth. So better substitute your caffeine and sodas with healthy beverages. It is also helpful when you keep your weight in the normal level. Healthy women have greater chances of getting pregnant than underweight or overweight women.

6. Avoid Stress

Do not expose yourself to prolonged stress. When your body is under stress, this would use up all your energy which is supposedly necessary to repair your cells. Being in a stressful environment can also impede reproduction hence lowering your chances of getting pregnant soon. Stressful lifestyle can lead to overproduction of prolactin in a woman’s body which is a hormone that inhibits ovulation.  If you are in a very busy environment, you can always choose to slow down and learn to relax.

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7. Follow Right Timing

Right timing is very important when you are planning to conceive. Depending on your age and history, you can also seek help from your OB and talk about your plan of getting pregnant. This is more ideal for those who have been trying to conceive for several months or years. It is important that you understand your body and that of your partner. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet will surely help as well. Before you resort to any medical intervention, make sure that you have exerted much effort in trying to conceive using natural ways. You need not push yourself too hard in order to get pregnant but stay calm and relax and wait for the best timing.

8. Try Different Position That Keep Sperm Longer in Vagina

Most of the couples use missionary position to get pregnant. Avoid women on top position as this will allow the sperm to leak out from vagina. Try to place a small pillow under your hips after intercourse. This allows cervix to rest in the pool of semen. Don’t get up from the bed just after the act. Stay right there so that sperm stay in the vagina longer.

9.Make Your Body Ready for Baby

Getting into proper shape is must to increase your chances of fertility. Try some regular exercises followed by intake of high vitamin fruits. Swimming is a great exercise to increase chances of getting pregnant. Get optimum weight as being overweight or underweight will kill your chances of pregnancy. Do not ignore physical demands of your body.

10. Seek Help

Remember, conception doesn’t occur overnight. It takes time and support of both the partners. Your age, lifestyle, habits, family history also plays a vital role in getting pregnant. However, if you have been trying for over a year and are unable to conceive, then its time to visit a doctor.