How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Blog


Blogging is a trend of today’s internet world. People often build their own blogs. There are various purposes to make a blog. Some do it just for fun or as a hobby, while another wants to earn some money from it.

No matter what is the purpose of your blogging, you need the reader to read your blogs. Without visitor, a blog is a waste of time and money (if you are doing premium blogging). There are several ways to increase the traffic on your blog. This increase traffic will in return provide you money or comments whatever you want.

15 Killer Ways To Increase Organic Traffic To Your blog

1. Write Original SEO content: The first way to increase traffic is to write original, unique and SEO content for your website/blog. rewriting an article already published on some other site won’t work at all. Google, in fact, all search engines love new and fresh content. That is the reason that forums are frequently crawled by search engines. Think about a topic and start writing on it. Include your own views and opinions and market it effectively.

2. Use Social Media Effectively: A second way to increase the flow of traffic to your blog is by the effective use of social media. In current internet situation, Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus are occupying most of the social media share in the internet world. There are lot of other social media sites on internet like stumbleupon, technorati, reddit, digg which you can use to promote your blog or specific post on these sites. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are however most popular ones.

3. Paid Advertising: Another method to get traffic is to make use of paid advertising. Most of the website owners allow other bloggers to use banner or text link based advertisement to promote their website. You might out of the shell out some bucks to get listed on other blogger’s blog. The only thing that you need to consider is to use only those blogs for paid advertising that share similar interest as of you. Placing a link related to money niche on health related blog won’t get you enough visitors.

4. Guest Blogging: Find out the blogs that share same niche as yours and send them an email to allow you to make a guest post on their blog. This will allow your blog’s link to gain much more popularity and wide audience. Similarly, allow other bloggers to make guest post on your site. Guest blogging is one of the fantastic way to get traffic from other blog as you will earn a backlink from the guest post.

5. Add Images and Videos: Tagging and embedding videos is another, but very effective way to increase traffic to your blog. Whenever you want to add any picture, give a perfect title to it that contain the proper keyword as well. You can also add tags related to the keywords that you might think to help a person to interact with your picture. This picture will appear in the images section of the search engine if your tags and title is right. Use of perfect, keyword oriented title of the website and each web page will create a good amount of traffic to your page.

6. Increase the Word Count: Write your post a bit long and involve the readers of your post in some type of discussion. A short content  of around 500-600 words won’t generate enough interest among your readers. Amount of web pages or content of the blog is also an important factor regarding traffic. You need to increase the intensity of content will help you to increase the traffic. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is the internal links. Use of internal link not only increase the time of a user on your web page, but most likely to engage him with content page after page.

7. Participate in Communities and Forums: If your blog is health related, then do a quick search and find out those blogs or forums which are in health niche and frequently visit those forums to post comments and build relationship with other people. Similarly, you can look out for other forums if you niche is different. Most of the forums allow you to insert your own blog or website link in the signature which brings decent traffic to your blog.

8. Analyze Visitor Traffic: Use Google Analytics Tool which is free and install code on your blog. After a month or so, use that tool to analyze the traffic. See where most of the users are coming from, what are the most frequent search terms for which your pages appear  and which are the most popular pages of your blog. Focus on those pages which are not generating any traffic at all and use those channels effectively that are generating more traffic for your blog. This will tell you, which areas boast more opportunity and which areas needs more improvement.

9. Use Trackbacks: Trackbacks allow you to reference someone else post from your own post. Lets say you have written a blog post on “How to reduce weight” and want to reference some other post within your post. You can include the link to the original article within your own post. Once the other blogger approves that, it will show up in his/her comments section. It is yet another way to drive quality traffic to your blog/site. Your content needs to be original and unique else the blogger might delete the trackback. Also, see how to increase Google crawl rate.

10. Write Controversial Post: Write something on a topic that is highly debatable. Include your own opinion, view or take a dig at someone which is currently in news. Lets say if  elections are going to held soon in your state or country, then make a post and include highlight some of the biggest failures of the present government or give an unfair advantage to the opposite party in your post. A controversial post on religion will surely draw huge traffic to your blog.

11. Reply to Blog Comments: Always reply to comments that other users left on your blog. This is required to engage your self with other bloggers.While most of the comments are junk and come in the category of spam, the rest of the comments are from those people who liked your blog’s content.

12. Write Problem Solving Post: While writing post, one should need to understand that the post should be useful to the user. Writing articles or the posts on problems that the user faces will bring in more people to your site. Just rewriting other people content won’t make it work. When a user find your blog as a way where he can find solutions to his problem, this will increase loyalty and he /she is most likely to recommend your blog to other people, which means you will get returning as well as unique visitors.

13. Use Keyword Research Tool: Use Google Keyword research tool to find out what other people are searching for on search engines. This will give a fair idea as to what are those areas in your niche in which other people have interest. type some word in the box and hit search and Google Adword tool will display the related terms with that string. Also, if your are writing a post on some topic, you can use this tool to find the LSI keywords related to that topic.

14. Apply for Google Authorship: Google Authorship is one of the new ways to catch a users attention towards your blog. This allows you to display your own profile pic in front of your own post that appears in the search result pages(SERPS), when a user searches for a specific item. It is highly probable that a user will click on the link that contains a info and pic in front of that result as it becomes trustworthy in the eyes of the user.

15. Blog Commenting: Blog Commenting, no doubt, has become the most preferred way to earn a back link from other blog. Most of the people just bombard other people’s blog with some junk or fake comments. Do not even try to do that. Subscribe to some of the high profile blogs including, Whenever is a new post is published, give yourself a minute or two and take a quick view of the post and make some useful comment so that the other blogger accepts that comment  and give your blog a new back link. When some other people will see your comment, few of them may click on your link and this will bring some new traffic for your blog.

It is not a success to get traffic to your blog, but the real success is to engage that traffic and let them loved your blog enough that they will be a source of free advertising. This can only be done with great quality of content on your blog. Updating your blog with interested, SEO, and engaging content regularly will increase tremendous traffic on your blog. If users like your web material, and he will visit back off and on to see new updates. Furthermore, he will also recommend your blog to his or her friends and the chain will begin. Moreover, if some of your users will share your content on his Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus’s profile, it is a source of free advertisement. However, to achieve this you need high level engaging content.

I hope that above-mentioned tips will help you to increase the traffic to your blog. However, I must say again that it is not the success to get traffic once, rather get such traffic that comes back without the need of advertisement. Otherwise, you have to spend more money to increase and maintain the traffic on the regular basis. There are several other ways are also there, but it is not possible to summarize all of them in one article. However, I tried to sum up the major ones that will greatly help you out to increase the traffic to your blog.