How To Increase Speed Of Internet Connection


Today, half of the world population spend most of their time on internet. Fast and reliable connection has therefore become a necessity of life. Whether you need to play games or just browse the internet, a speedy internet connection is needed to avoid the page to turn up. At times, internet connection may be slower than expected. There are several things that could cause this to happen. These things need to be identified and measures taken so as to increase the bandwidth. Some of these ways to increase internet speed are discussed below.


Ways To Increase Speed Of Internet Connection

  • Test Your Internet Speed

There are bulk of sites that allow you to check your internet connection. For e.g.: , , . If you find your internet speed slower than what your ISP claimed that you are getting, just call the customer service desk right away and ask them to check the connection. You may also upgrade you connection to increase speed of internet connection.

  • Get Latest Antivirus

Check out the best antivirus available in the market and buy which has maximum positive reviews. Run the antivirus and see if your computer or laptop has some trojans or malwares installed that may halt your internet speed. They run in the background and consumes most of the CPU cycles while slowing down the other applications.

  • Check Your Existing Internet Plan

Always contact your internet provider to find out if it could be a technical hitch from their end. It is also possible that the data you subscribed for could have expired. The customer service provider will be in a position to check and notify you what the problem could be. It is possible that the chosen package could no longer be activated.

For instance, there are at times when companies may carry an offer for cheap data, but this only lasts for a short period of time. The customer care provider will be able to let you know if this could be the case. If it’s the case, then he or she will advice on the packages that they are offering at that particular time. Hence, you will be able to get faster internet connection.

  • Unauthorized Access To Your Internet Connection

It is possible that the problem could be emanating from the fact that there is unauthorized access to your internet connection. This is especially the case in instances of wireless internet. The people in our neighborhood are in a position to search for available internet connection and access it. In order to avoid such unauthorized access, creating a password for your internet connection will ensure that it is only accessible to you only. This is because internet connection is faster if there are few users. This is because the data being processed at a time is more than when it is being accessed by numerous individuals.

  • Use Fast Browser

It is also possible that the browser you are using could be the problem. There are several browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini and Internet Explorer among others. It is advisable to try out the various browsers so as to determine which one is fastest. For instance, it is a well know fact that Internet Explorer is one of the slowest browsers.

Thus, if it is the one you are using, it advisable to change and note the difference in the speed internet connection. Also, there are various versions of each browser, as they keep on being updated. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the browser that works best for you.

  • Disable Browser Add-ons

Add-ons are supported by majority of web browsers today. They provide some extended functionality which a normal browser can’t provide. However, this comes at a cost. These add-ons slow up the internet connection and will hold you up when you double click in your browser. Your browser will take time to come up. Just disable them and notify the increase in speed of internet connection.

  • Clean Your PC

Finally, it is important to ensure that you PC is regularly maintained. This implies carrying out the normal maintenance tasks such as, cleaning the disks, registry repairs and Disk Defragmenter. It is also crucial to optimize the services of Windows. This will ensure that your computer is faster. As a result, this will also speed up your internet connection.

  • Increase RAM

Earlier, 512 MB RAM was considered enough to run a PC. But, today with latest video cards and operating system, you will need good amount of memory in your computer to get the PC work fast. It is recommended to have at least 2 GB of RAM to get some good internet speed and avoid frequent hiccups.

  • Remove Unnecessary Programs Running In The Background

There could be some small programs that run in the background when you boot your PC and take away the small portion of internet speed. For e.g.: Google has a desktop application called Google Drive that run in the background and can be found in task manager, if you have installed that on your computer. Just open task manager and see what unnecessary programs are running in the background. If you found any, remove it from Add/Remove programs.

  • Remove Temporary Internet Files

By removing temporary internet files, you can increase the space on your hard disk. These small files once downloaded, rest on your PC and will again be downloaded when they will expire. They do increase speed for old websites which are not updated frequently. Nowadays, most of the websites are regularly updated, therefore the old temporary internet files will be of no use and will slow down the internet connection. If space in your C: drive is less than 10% of total size, you must delete all the temp files to increase the space.

Therefore, contacting your internet provider, preventing unauthorized access, identifying the best browser and regular maintenance of your PC will speed up your internet connection. By following the tips pointed above, it is evident that your internet connection will speed up.