How To Know If A Girl Likes You


Most men have troubles to tell whether for sure girls like them or are just social friends. Most people need to be loved and the biggest challenge is to genuinely determine where real love exists. It is however possible to tell if for certain there is love or not. Men need to be keen to watch out for the signs or else girls will take advantage of them.

Girls are known to be cunning and great care must be taken by men to avoid being a victim of the circumstance. It can be hurting to be taken a ride of when you are serious with a relationship. To avoid last minute frustrations, pay attention to signs that depict existence of love from a girl.

How To Find Out If A Girl Likes You

1. First of all, if a girl likes you, she will be interested with your stories. This makes her to hang around you and show interest on what you will be doing. You will also find her liking your jokes and finding a reason to appreciate most of the things you will be doing

2. Secondly, if a girl likes you, she will be free with you and can easily confide to you. She will find it easier to tell you her inner stories which she rarely shares with others. She will be doing this because she finds it easier to relate with you more than others. This is the high time you need to start putting your acts together. Avoid sharing her secrets with others as this can spoil your relationship with her if she finds out.

3. If a girl likes you, she will find time to be with you. She will even at times forego very important assignments just to be around you. This implies that even if she is with her friends, she will try as much as possible to be next to you. When you find a girl creating time to hang out with you, know she is more likely trying to communicate something to you. Most girls find it difficult to openly tell a man they like him. It is thus imperative to look for indicators that she likes you.

4. Watch how the girl you think likes you reacts to other men. When a girl doesn’t like you, she is likely to use dismissive language or signs and has no interest on your undertakings. If you however realize she is accommodating and not responds well when you are close to her, then know she likes you.

5. If she gives you her contact number, this surely means that you are in safe sender’s list. In short, she trust you. She would love to get a call from you or go out for a cup of coffee with you.

6. Just check if she laughs out loud even at your poor, boring or stupid jokes. If she puts up fake smile or makes faces or looks away, this is a sure shot sign that she is not interested in you.

7. She may flirt with you openly or gives you random hugs. Hugs are the most common way of showing your love or affection wit someone you like.

8. She tries to touch you often while walking or talking. She may even  intentionally touch you and does not get away even when you try to part away from her. This means that she wants your personal touch.

9. She finds out your likes and dislikes. She tries to dress in the same way you want to see her. In short, she tries to attract you towards herself.

10. She may even does small things for you for e.g. gives you her last sip of drink or coffee, offers you lift, readily offers to help you with your school, college or office problem. She may not be able to come out with a solution for your problem but still offers all her help to support you.

11. Look for signs like fidgeting, biting of finger and lips as you talk to her. Although this is a sign of being shy, it might as well indicate she likes you.

12. Is the girl inquisitive about your personal life? If yes, she might like you. Some of the leading questions include are you married, how many girlfriends have you had and so on. This is an indication she has feelings for you.

13. Her body language can tell you more about how she feels about you. A girl can show a lot of signals to show her interest in you. Looking straight into your eyes, smiling at you often, touching you intentionally,

14. She bumps in you quite often. You may consider it accidental but that may be intentional. She may visit places which you visit and hopes to meet you in those places. She may even tries to give stupid reason to be there at that time.

15. A girl who likes you will be more comfortable having you around. She will be protective and proud to introduce you to her friends.

These are just a few tips of telling whether a girl likes you. Watch out for more signs.