How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You


In an intimate relationship, each partner expects that the other will remain faithful to them. This means that they do not expect that their partners would have intimate relationships with anyone else besides them. If any of them is not living up to this expectation, then it is said that they are cheating on their partners.

In other words, they are termed as being unfaithful, promiscuous, or adulterous in the case of a married couple. There are several signs that would point one into the direction of a partner thinking that they are being cheated on.

Signs Of Cheating Spouse

One of the ways to know is the manner in which your partner behaves in regards to particular phone calls. For instance, if he or she receives late night calls but cannot pick them when around you, this is suspicious. Also, if he or she lowers his voice in a manner that suggests he or she is hiding something, this could also mean that he is seeing someone else and tries to keep it away from you.

Secondly, if your partner is constantly lying, there is something a miss. For instance, if your partner says out late or does not come home but lies about his or her whereabouts, there is a possibility that he could be seeing someone else. This is because if they were being genuine about the people they are seeing, they would not find it necessary to lie. In fact it would be much easier to tell the truth. Telling lies implies that they are trying to cover up something. Two people in a relationship should feel free and should be open about their dealings.

Thirdly, if your partner becomes violent all of a sudden, this could imply that he or she is cheating. This is because they could be getting pleasure elsewhere. Hence, when they come home they would find themselves being violent in a bid to hide the guilt that they carry because of being unfaithful. Also, since people are different, you may find that with their secret lovers, they get used to doing things in a particular manner.

Thus, when they go home and find a different version of doing the same thing, they may feel unsatisfied and result to violence so as to lay the burden on their partners. If they were not violent before but are suddenly different, there is a big probability that they could be unfaithful.

A cheating partner could also be identified through their intimacy. For example, if your partner is no longer interested in being intimate with you, it could imply that they are being intimate with someone else. This is because in any relationship, intimacy is extremely important. Hence, the lack of the urge for intimacy could also mean that they are cheating. Also, the behavior during intimate moments such as being absent minded could display the interest in someone else.

There could be situations when your partner will suddenly ask for privacy. He/she may start browsing privately on laptop, password protect laptop, cellphone, credit card bills. If you try to questions regarding this unnecessary security, you may be accused to take control of your spouse. Going to a different room when you receive a call or chatting for long hours give a string indication that your spouse is taking you for a ride.

If you see a sudden rise in the credit card bill or decrease in bank balance and your spouse is not able to give valid explanation for those  unnecessary expenditures, this indicate that some thing is fishy. Your spouse may be spending his/her income lavishly on gifts, clothes, disc, food and if this is quite unusual for you, you better beware.

Another way via which you may check your spouse for cheating on you is to check if your partner is paying extra care of his/her appearance. Most people stop looking after their personal appearance once they get married and have kids. But, if some one come again in your life, you may be tempted to look stylish to impress your partner.

Your partner may suddenly sit late in the office pretending to be doing office work where as he or she may be busy in chatting with their new love partner. Working at odd hours or even going to office on the weekend on regular basis provides a string indication that your spouse is cheating.

Your partner may feel irritate of your cross questioning. You have right to probe your partner if he/she coming late at home or spending too much time away from family. Love, trust, honesty and loyalty are the four important ingredients of a happy marriage and even if one component is missing the married life starts falling down. If your partner gets defensive on asking these questions, you have right to point finger.