How To Learn Dance


Dancing is an art and not something could learn with books.  Dance could be anything as long as people can move their self.  In a life of a human being, they learn to dance when they are in their mother’s womb. Dancing involves a lot of rhythm. And in our mother’s womb we respond to her heart beat. And that is where we have our first dancing lesson. Dancing can also be a stress reliever to people. When you are really busy with work, dancing can take off that stress away. People even dance like a work out.

There is no real technique on how to dance. There are many types of dance in the world today. If we look into the classical side of dancing we see that there is ballroom, tango, waltz, ballet and many more. When it comes the modern style there are dances like tap dance, western dance, break dance, hip hop dance etc. All of these have one thing in common which is moving to a rhythm.

There are many people who offer to teach how to dance. There are many people who go for these classes. Some even give up after a few lessons. But there is an easy way to learn how to dance. Let us take a look at few of them.

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” ~~ Wayne Dyer

11 Hot Steps To Learn Dance

1. Listen to Songs

People love music. Pick a genre which suits you the most. If you like classical you can choose classical and if you like hip hop so be it. Then you can close your room door and put on the song you like. There are many media online who offer all songs free like Youtube. Then you can listen to the song and move yourself. The trick here is not to look through a mirror as to how you look like. Do not worry. You don’t need to judge yourself because you are doing this for fun. Keep steps forward back ward and move your hands the way you like.

2. Learn and Imitate

The other way is learn and imitate. Just like the previous method you can try this in your room. You could load a video and follow the steps in the music video as to how they dance and try to imitate them and try it out. This will give you an idea as to how to dance.

3. Ask for a Help From Friend

If you have any friends who are good in dancing, you can ask help from them. Dances are people who love to help. They have it in their blood. They would definitely help you to learn dance. You can show some moves and ask them if you are correct. If not, they can give you suggestions to how to improve yourself.

4. Join Dancing Classes

Going for a dancing class will also help. Most classes require you to bring a partner with you. This will be good exposure so you can see people dance and learn. And also you can learn new styles. If you are too shy to do all that then you can always learn online. There are millions of free tutorials available online as to how to dance.

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.” ~~ Satchel Paige

5. Watch Dance Reality Shows

Another way to improve dancing is to watch reality shows related to dancing. These reality shows are conducted under top choreographers who give their advice to contestants who are performing on the show. Absorb their advice and apply them in your dancing skills to learn dance. Also, try to participate in such reality shows, if you can find any of them. Most of them possess just few skills and see how they quickly become and expert in their own area of field.

6. Subscribe to Dance Videos on Youtube

You could find thousand of instructional videos online on  Youtube or any other such site. The videos could be related to beginner, professional or expert. Find the appropriate video and start learning online. You could even visit local music store and buy some instructional videos DVD that can help you to learn dance.

7. Practice Practice Practice

Practice is a key to success. You can’t become expert in dancing without doing sufficient practice. Make sure you take out at least an hour or so each day for dancing. If you have been learning dancing at home, then try to call any of your friend at home. Turn on the music and start dancing.  This way you both can see each other steps and recommend ways to improve each other dancing steps.

8.  Find the Beat of the Song

When you are about to dance on a particular dance, make sure you follow the beat of the song. Just follow the beat and rhythm and move your steps accordingly. The beat of the song will help you to determine how to move your hand and foot. If the beat of the song is fats, then you need to move your steps fairly quickly. Don’t look at others. Just get lost in the beat of the music. If you keep on looking others to see how they are dancing, then surely you won’t be able to focus on your dance skills.

9. Enjoy Dancing

The fun loving part of dancing is to enjoy it. You can’t learn without enjoying it. Show confidence and be patient while dancing. The art of dancing comes naturally when you stop learning it and start enjoying it. People who are talented, dance better because they love dancing. Some people might poke fun at your dancing, just ignore them. Don’t care about them, If you love dancing, you better do it.

10. Read books related to Dancing

You might find some books related to dancing in your nearby store. there are even some magazines related to dancing skills only. Subscribe to them. If you can’t find any such book, then borrow it from your friend who have one. Read it couple of times and the try to perform the same steps.

11. Be Relaxed and Free Yourself From Stress

Main thing in dancing is stay relaxed. If you are not relaxed you can’t dance. Don’t let your brain control you. Instead let your feelings and body movement flow together. Remember this is a talent and not something you can learn from books.

All in all Music and dance is something fun and it should help you enjoy and relax your mind. It should not give you any burden. Even if you are learning how to dance, don’t take it as a burden. Take it as something which will relax your mind. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Remember that everyone has a talent and a capability given. So always remember that you can do your best. Also remember not to take this as a competition or anything stressful. Dancing is a talent and something to enjoy by everyone. So enjoy dancing, live it and have fun.