How To lose A Friend


No doubt, apart from family, friends is one of the most important things in life that anyone can have. True and best friends are always there to cheer you up even in the darkest moment of your life. They are always along you cheer your spirit up. You can share every memory with them. Most of the people have their best memories that belong to their friend.

However, sometime when your friend trying to bother you, or trying to create some kind of trouble in your own life, it is time to ditch your friend. Most of time you cannot tell him directly that you don’t want to be friend anymore just because you don’t want to make him feel bad or morally. I am going to discuss some very effective ways to lose a friend that I personally been experienced by someone else. Well, yeah it is funny to write down your own experience, but still it is the most practical way to power your words.

7 Practical Ways To Lose Your Friends

1. Ignore Them

First step that mostly irritate your friend will be ‘ignoring’. Well, you don’t have to say it loud rather do things in such a way that it feel normal to the situation. For example, let say involve your lover and give her priority excessively much. For instant, if you are talking with your friend, and you receive just a ‘Good Evening’ or other unimportant text message from your lover, pretend it to be most important and purposely ignore your friend whatever he is talking. After sometime ask him, sorry what did you say or similar words.

At the start, do it only a few times and with the passage of time increase its number. This will make him feel bad, unimportant, and ultimately insulted. He will of course offer you that whenever you are talking to your lover, you can excuse him and when you are free you can come to your friend. If that happen, you are the luckiest man in the world to lose a friend in a style. Now, you have a kind of license to kill the emotions of your friend no matter how good friend and strong person he is.

2. Stop Interacting

Reduce your time of interaction to lose a friend. For example, if you spend most of your time with your friend in the past, say 12 hours a day, reduce it to one hour to just 30 minutes. Nothing can be more frustrating than to put someone on the wait. Of course, you will have to make timetable to be interacted with your friend to make things going real, and of course, if he is your true friend he will wait for that time daily.

Now you are ready for next more rude step but in a polite way. Whenever you met your friend for only sometime, after talk of few minutes you can pretend to be busy in reading some text message for few second and excuse him. Well, I guarantee you that it will highly work. He will probably ask you to finish with your lover please, and we can talk another time, ACCEPT IT with thanks and hug probably. This will work just like sugar coated poisonous tablet that your friend has to engulf anyway. Repeat this scenario sometime.

Never start any topic of talk with your own, always wait for your friend to talk about something. No matter how talkative your friend is, he will ultimately spend all he got in his mind and result will be silence. Silence always kills, and for you it is certainly a blessing. It will kill your friend’s emotion and maybe he will ask you to talk about something. Now you can tell him that please don’t ask me to talk about something when you are not talking as well, and your friend will certainly have no answer to it, result in more prolong and awkward silence which is no doubt will go in your favor.

3. Flirt With Their Partner

One of the best way to lose a friend permanently is to start flirting with their partners. Your friend will get jealous and might even kill you for this, but you should be happy if you are able to complete your mission. Start telling some weak and negative points of their partners, gossip about them, exchange phone numbers, impress them hard. Put the seed of suspicion in your friend’s mind. These things will give your friend a crude shock and before you kick him/her out, they will kick you out of their lives.  This is, perhaps the best way to bury your friendship.

4. Gossip About Them

If you are feeling bored, gossip about your friend. Not when he/she is sitting with you, but, at their back. They might give you a punch on your nose but I guess you can have it just for the sake of leaving them. Laugh out loud while gossiping about them so that one of your friend just tell him how interest you take while poking fun at him/her. No one wants to have a friend who gossip about them and break their trust. Just gossip and lose them. Mission accomplished.

5. Become a Whiner

Complain, complain and just complain. Pick up any topic and start complaining. Complain about the traffic situation, corruption, environment, friends, office and almost everything that you can even think of. Start cribbing about everything while you hang out  with them, on phone, at work, while you dine and very soon you will hear excuses form them for not being around you. Unless you friends are mentally unstable, they won’t even bother to call you up and discuss where to meet. Make them fool, argue with them, be arrogant, don’t listen, let them pay everywhere and soon you will find that they are standing nowhere near you.

6. Borrow Money and Don’t Bother To Pay Back

Behave in front of them as if you need some money badly. They would give it to you; of course, they are your friends. Now, forget about the money and don’t ever discuss it with them. Never ever bother to tell them that you will pay it soon or whatsoever. just forget it. They may not ask it directly but still wait for the day when you will return their money back. Let them wait. After couple of weeks, again ask them for money.This will surely put them off if you can continue it for couple of months. It will work sure shot. We all know that. We often say that friends come before money. But that’s not true for most of us. For some, money come before friends. So, use this technique to send them away.

7. Get Married

Every time your friend calls you up, tell him/her that We are going out for a movie , we have a got an invitation to have dinner, we are going out for dinner, this weekend we are going out for long drive. Your sudden exclusion from their group will be noticed and they might not even invite you, when they go out. Nearly everyone knows that marriage kills friendship. Your partner needs most of your time and wants you to be with him/her for at least a year. Getting married or even engaged at such a time will move them out of your life and ruin your friendship.

You can adopt millions of other ways similar to this to lose a friend, and I am sure they all will work. No matter how close your friend is, you will ultimately lose him/her. Maybe if your friend is really your true friend, he might not your delete you from his friend list, but will understand that you don’t want to get interacted with him/her anymore and he/she will try to stay apart. Mission Accomplished.