How To Make Money In A Recession


Some people think that it is difficult to make money during economic recession because of the slow economy. But for people who are willing to take on a new venture, there are lots of money-making opportunities that await them.

Tips on How To Make Money During Recession

First, if you are a skilled carpenter or repairman, offer your services to your neighbors. You can also advertise your skills to widen your scope and increase the number of your clients. At a tile like this, people who hire professional contractors or repairman may find the fees too expensive. If you are good in repairing or remodeling houses, repainting, installing cabinets, doors and windows, repairing appliances and plumbing and you charge reasonable fees, you will be earning a lot.

These are things that need to be done despite the economic crisis. People will not wait for their circumstances to become better before having these things done. If they can afford you, they will hire you and before you know it, you need to have employees of your own to meet the demands of your growing client.

Second, you can open a small restaurant that sells quality food at reasonable prices. People who used to dine in exclusive restaurants and who cannot afford to do so during the recession will still seek the convenience of not having to cook their own meal and not having to wash the dishes afterwards. Besides, eating out is cheaper than cooking. If the price in your restaurant is affordable, they will be attracted to eat in your place and they could become permanent clients.

Third, if you are an expert in taxation laws, you can make a small office for consultancy work. Because of the shortage of money, many businesses and private persons will need your advice in adjusting their taxes. You can ask for reasonable consultation fee for tax adjustments and other tasks that clients might ask you to do which are related to tax laws. It will help you to make money in a recession and take care of your daily expenditure.

Lawyers will also have increased jobs because of the bankruptcy cases that are filed and labor related cases for companies that have shut down. In fact, lawyers would need reinforcement in order to meet their increased work load.

Fourth, if you are good in Do-It-Yourself jobs, you can offer classes for a small fee or you can make and sell Do-It-Yourself eBooks. Individuals who are out of job will be eager to learn skills that will save them money by doing simple tasks on their own instead of hiring a repairman. Others will be willing to buy eBooks that will teach them how to earn extra income and make money during recession.

Fifth, Join some free lancing sites like,, and many more. This will help you to make money during recession wile sitting at home. While some jobs are quite simple and monotonous, other job  involves high level of complexity and you can earn big bucks in sort time if you are expert in you area of expertise.

Last, if you are a good writer, a web page designer or graphic designer or a telemarketer, you can earn money by working in the internet. There are thousands of online jobs that are available every day. The recession motivates some people to earn money by putting up their own websites. These websites will need content writers, webpage designers and graphic artists. If you have any of the skills mentioned, you are bound to earn money despite the worsening economic recession.