How To Make Your Own DIY Pool Toys

How To Make Your Own DIY Pool Toys

Summertime is soon approaching so it is time to start thinking about fun summer water activities. It is the time that you will clean the pool and look for last year’s toys that the children used in the pool. Some of these toys might still be in decent condition, while others may need to be recycled or thrown away. However, rather than replacing the old toys with new ones that you buy, you can create a project with the children to make fun pool items.

Before you head to the craft shop, check around your home for items that you can recycle. It will be a fun project working with your children to recycle these items into toys.

Start with some one or two liter soda bottles with the caps. Clean the bottles properly and re-fit the caps tightly. Attach a colorful clothesline cord between the two of the bottle to create a buoy to mark the deep end or a swim lane. The bottles can also be used as goal lines for a game of water soccer.

There are ways that the smaller plastic soda bottles can be utilized. You can wash them and then fill them with enough colored sand that can make them buoyant. The children can play catch in the pool. The fun part is that when a bottle sinks, it is just for moment, then it will float back to the surface.

Unused sponges can also be recycled into toys. The sponges must be unused because residue from any cleaning chemical will come out in the water. Cut the sponges into strips and then tie between four and six with twine or string into a small bundle. Then pull the strips out to create a pom pom effect. These sponge toys are great to toss while in the pool.

You can also take a trip to the craft shop for the items to create other homemade pool items.

Craft foam is good because it is cheap and versatile. Cut letters from the foam and put them in the pool. The children can then make words and sentences while swimming in the pool.

You can also use the craft foam to turn the pool into an aquarium. Cut it into shapes of aquatic animals and use several strips attached to one of the small plastic bottles filled with colored water to create a squid or an octopus. A hula hoop can also be used as a game for the sea creatures to jump through.

Balloons can be used as another affordable and easy pool toy. Get a bag of round balloons along with a small plastic pail. Add water to the balloons and tie the pail on the inside of the pool. The children can throw the balloons into the pail for points. However, you have to ensure that if a balloon breaks, it is immediately taken from the pool to avoid any risk of choking.

Foam noodles can also be used by tying a few of them together side by side to make a raft, to create figure eights or floating circles. Use them as water polo sticks with balloons that are partially filled with water as the balls.

Every spring, look through your house for items that can be used to create new pool toys during the summer. Consider this as a great family project that will make summer even more fun.