How To Motivate Employees


Employers understand that employees need to be motivated in order to become productive assets of their business or company. There are many ways on how to motivate employees but sometimes employers do not know how to take the proper approach to help their employees grow more mature and professionally in performing their job responsibilities. There are two ways on how to motivate employees: by monetary and non-monetary approach. Here are some of the ways on how you can motivate employees using either of these two approaches.

12 Killer Tips To Motivate Employees

1. Offer Incentive and Bonus Packages

In order to motivate employees to become productive workers, you can offer them incentive and bonus packages. You can offer health care insurance and bonus incentives for employees that will give them something to look forward to about their employment with your company.

“In motivating people, you’ve got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope, by example – and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved.” ~~ Rupert Murdoch

2. Give Rewards

You can also plan a reward scheme that will give opportunity for your employees to show their skills in performing their job responsibilities. For instance, launching an employment of the month program is something that will continuously motivate employees to do well in their performance at work. You can provide incentives like monetary prizes or even grocery coupons for employees who are productive each month.

3. Recognize Employees Performance

Another way on how to motivate employees is through non-monetary approach. Recognizing the employee performance is something that could boost their morale and self confidence.  One of the needs of employees from their working environment is recognition of their achievement. Recognition further motivates them to improve their performance at work.

4. Guidance and Coaching

Managers should also provide adequate coaching and guidance to their employees in order to make them more motivated about their work. Employees need support from the management in terms of their difficulties in performing certain tasks. They often feel demotivated if they find themselves no longer capable of meeting the demands of their work.

5. Provide Trainings

Managers should be consistent in providing help to their employees in learning to perfect their tasks. Sending them to trainings will help them grow professionally and will help them become more educated and learned employees. This helps boost their self confidence as well.

6. Good Working Environment

Providing a good work culture among the employees is one way to motivate them to feel satisfied with their working environment. Fostering the spirit of team work makes work more fun and less burdensome in accomplishing the company’s goals and objectives. Employees have something to look forward to every day in going to work because they are working in a very healthy working environment where every one is happy and helping each other in every difficulty they may encounter at work. The management should be able to provide professional development among its employees to continuously motivate them at work.

7. Give Value To Suggestions

You can also motivate your employees by giving value on their suggestions and ideas. It is a great way to motivate employees when they consider themselves as part of the organization. Many times an employee’s idea could be better than that of the managers. Giving employees the chance to express their thoughts is a healthy way of motivating them to become more creative and to think something for the good of the organization. If they are given the sense of belonging where they feel they are an important partner of the employer to make a productive endeavor, employees will continue to become more efficient. Motivated employees become an asset of the employer once they are very efficient in improving their performance at work. One way to make them inspired to make them feel they are partners of the employer in running the organization.

8. Delegate Them Responsibility

An employee may get demotivated if he/she is not promoted despite giving best performance. Just delegating them higher level task at same position can certainly bring out sense of motivation among them.

9. Fun At Work

Make plans and organize a trip once every 2-3 months.  Do some team building exercises and play games that brings harmony among team members. Apart from this, you can also plan lunch or dinner outside every fortnight. This way an employee can get to know about his/her colleagues outside the usual office work.

10. Show Concern To Their Problems

Often employees are not able to perform at work due to stress and tension they get at home. Being a manger, you can have word with them and provide them solutions, is any.  If an employee is under any stress, better give him a day off. Companies that are too stubborn with their work are not concerned with employee’s well being often face employee retention problems.

11. Pay Well

Salary, obviously is a huge motivating factor. If an employee decides to move out just because he/she is not compensated well, its better to negotiate with him/her. Organizations that pay well see less employee retention. If you give an employee good salary accompanied by good working conditions and challenging work, he/she is most likely to drop idea of moving out.

12. Give Them Challenges

Sometimes while working in the same company the work becomes monotonous. Employees often start feeling bore by doing the same sort of work everyday. A work that gives their skills and ability a challenge keeps them motivated and they even deliver great results even under extreme pressure.

Once employees find adequate support from their employees they tend to recognize their ability to grow professionally in their employment thereby making them motivated workers. Apart from the monetary incentives that they would receive from their efforts at work, employees also need to be recognized of their hard work to make them motivated employees. Employers should understand that it is vital to learn the different ways on how to motivate their employees because the human resource is a valuable asset to their business.