How To Nail An Interview


It is easy to say, “I will nail the interview”. However, it is not so easy to do. It requires a lot of pre-interview homework and get ready for the actual interview. If you really want to do great in the interview, you need a lot things and practice to do prior to the interview.

For a post, hundreds of qualified people give their interview, but the winner is always that person who made great efforts to prepare for it. It is essential to prepare for an interview instead of just going out and trying your luck.Here are some tips that will help you while preparing your interview.

14 Killer Tips To Nail An Interview

1. Read Job Description

First and foremost thing to do is the reading the job description thoroughly of which you are going to do interviews. Read its each word with full concentration. Next step is to do little bit research about the company, interviewer, and the job history. If you get this information, you can do a lot better than others. For example, if you get history of the company – which is quite easily available from many sources – you can get an idea of the company, many questions will arise in your mind, and of course, you have to find their answers as well. Therefore, if you have asked anything regarding company or related thing, you can answer it quickly.

2. Do Some Research About the Company

Similarly, if you are able to get information regarding the person who will interview you, you can do some research about that person too. It will surely help you in lots of ways to get success in your interview. You can have an idea about his psychology, his personal interest and expertise, and many other related things. This way you can get an idea about the types of questions you may have asked, and while preparing you can focus on that particular topic a little more.

3. Prepare Your Resume

Next step is the preparing your resume. It is the basic and fundamental tool for the applying for any job. A person who is interviewing you will not see your degrees; instead, he will look your resume to be known about everything related to the job. So if you are applying for a community health position, make sure to write down that you have a human services degree. A popular option is to use the bold font so it stands out on your resume when they skim through it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spend some extra efforts to make your resume perfect. Make sure, there are no spelling and other mistake in it and it includes all information regarding that particular job. Avoid any extra or non-related information to include in the resume.

4. Be On Time

On the interview day, always be on time. Time is one of the most important factors regarding the job. If you are late on interview day, your boss, or selector cannot trust you that you will be on time during your job. Therefore, always leave your home little early.

5. Switch Off Your Mobile

Before entering into the room makes sure that, your mobile phone is powered off. It is better to not to take it with you, however if you really need it, make sure it is turned off. It is important to note that don’t put it in the vibration mode, because in case any call during the interview can distract your intention from the interview. Moreover, if there is a silence in the room and your mobile phone is vibrating, it might feel little louder and can distract the interviewer as well.

“Whomever you’re going to interview, you have to be interested in what it is you want to know from them. You have to be interested in the subject.” ~~  Kurt Loder

6. Bring Notepad

You can bring a note pad with you during the interview, and you can note things when it is appropriate. You may be asked to solve a puzzle or arithmetic equation and a notepad would prove to be quite handy in such a scenario.

7. Wear Formal Dress

Your dress must be neat and clear and it should be formal. You don’t have to go with the jeans and T-shirt for the interviewing ever. Dress code always matter as it will not only raise your personality, but also shows that how conscious you are about your cleanness. Furthermore, most of the companies particularly focus on the dress as well especially if you are applying for a job that is directly related to the public relation or where you have present your company in the field.

8. Highlight Your Goals and Achievements

While the interviewer is going through your resume, tell him about your recent accomplishments like getting a management degree or any goal that you’ve recently achieved. Lets say: If you have served as a project manager in IT in a previous company, let him know how you handled the team together and delivered the software product within the given time frame or if you are operations supervisor, you can tell them how by using some innovative techniques you brought down the operational expenses of the company.  You may even tell the interviewer about any failure you faced and what you learned form it. Apart from that, you can also showcase your leadership qualities to grab the job.

9. Be Calm, Polite and Confident

Always be warm and polite to the interviewer while giving the interview. Greet the interviewer when he/she enters the room. Hand shake firmly and say good bye while leaving the room. Listen to what interviewer says and nod your head to send him/her the signal that you have got their point to nail an interview. Show confidence while giving answers to make it appear as if you are aware of the topic which you have been asked for.

10. Be Honest

There might be some questions for which you don’t have any answers. In such a situation, its better to say ‘I don’t the answer’ rather than giving some vague replies. Nobody on this earth knows each and every thing. You are one of them. Then, why to worry. Just look into the eyes and tell the truth.

“To do a really good interview, you have to be truly interested in the person.” ~~  Daisy Fuentes

11. Make Eye Contact

Don’t stare at walls or stairs or roof while having a word with the interviewer. This will make the interviewer disinterested. Listen to him/her and maintain an eye contact with him/her. This will reflect your confidence. Express yourself why are you so keen in joining the company.

12. Body Language

Body language of a person plays an important role to nail an interview. The way you talk, walk, sit, speak, cross you legs, shake your hand, tap your finger speak a lot about you. Even if you don’t say anything, your body language clearly send s the signal to the interviewer. If you’re giving an interview for a post in PR, make sure your body language is up to the mark as these skills matters most in such field.

13. Don’t be a Chatterbox

Its important to speak up during the interview to answer the questions. But, don’t just start giving out the answers in detail. Be up to the point. No one has enough time to listen all the detail. Your answer should be short and simple. Don’t just drag it until you are asked to more.

14. Ask Questions, if any

Some interviewers explicitly ask the candidates if they have any questions to ask for. You may ask couple of questions which will show your hunger in joining the company. Else, it may appear that the candidate is not serious about taking up the job.

Don’t flirt, don’t make jokes, be humble and serious while doing your interview. It will really a bad impression if you are playing with your chair, face, or pen. There are many other tips that can help you to nail an interview. However, these are basic tips and you must consider them before going to interview.