How To Participate In Reality TV Shows


For many people, the simple presence in a TV reality show meant an open door to fame and stardom. This has inspired many others to dream about being in a reality show themselves as their own way of making a fortune or becoming well-known. There are many possible ways to be accepted into a TV reality show, however not all are easy to achieve.

Reality TV shows are very demanding and daring. One need to have specialized skills to crack a TV reality show. If you think you have any such skill with you, then that’s that right place for you. You may have to do some extraordinary things that you never thought of doing in life. That’s what reality shows are all about. The road to the success is not at all easy. You may get rejected in one but you need to keep trying to get success. As someone has said “I don’t say I have failed hundred times. I say, I know hundred reasons that can cause failure.


What You Need To Have To Get Into A Reality TV Shows

The easiest and most obvious way would be to have an acting career. With some pre-requisite roles in locally successful acts, you may get some also local fame and some agencies may notice you and acknowledge that you may be a possible talent and a star in the making. Also, as a starter, you will most likely accept a lower payment compared to what big time TV stars would accept and will agree to do more extreme things than a more famed person would only for the sake of becoming more well-known, both of these being things that TV reality show directors like.

However, not only persons who have studied acting have a chance to participate in a TV reality show. Anyone with a good education in a certain subject could get a role in any TV show as long as their skills are required, even if they have no training in the arts of acting. Some TV reality shows may seek well-trained doctors to add a touch of realism to their show. Some may look for psychologists for the featuring actors which may appear in the actual show as an augment, encouragement or in the case that one of the said stars has behavior problems and you will have to clarify the situation.

Of course, the possibilities don’t stop here. Basically anyone can be featured in a TV reality show as long as a skill they possess is required in it. Take, for example, the shows “Miami Ink”, “American Choppers” and “So You Think You Can Dance, “Big Boss”. The first is about the everyday life of a group of successful tattoo artists from Miami, while the other is about the everyday life of Orange County Choppers, a custom modifications garage that specializes in motorcycles. Big Boss involves group of 10 -15 perosns to stay together in a home for few months.

Even your origins or characteristics may give you a role in a reality show. For example, the show “Little people, big world” is about the life of a family consisting of a married couple suffering from Dwarfism and their three children, out of which only one also suffers from the condition. “All-American Muslim” unravels the life of several American-Lebanese families in the US.

Organizers of reality TV shows conduct various talent hunt contest in various cities to select the people who are daring and interesting. This requires participants to submit their application to get eligible to participate in TV reality show. Once the application gets approved, they are called for TV show try out. It consists of group discussion followed by face to face interview.

Once all the selected participants are called for the final selection, the last round is to select the most eligible candidates. Reality TV shows have become more common nowadays. Parents too woo their kids to participate in such shows so as to show off the talent to rest of the world. Not only among adults, this practice has started among the little kids too. Dance, Singing or action reality shows can be seen today on almost every entertainment channel.

It requires guts and confidence to participate in such reality shows. Get to know more about the interviewers and use tips and techniques to woo them. Don’t try to get into an  argument with an organizer or judge. That may hamper your chance to come on a small screen. All you need is confidence, enthusiasm and determination. And, of course you just can’t afford to forget luck. Luck plays and important role in getting on to such TV shows.

Of course, there are less-honorable ways to participate in a TV reality show. Being involved in a scandal alongside a well-known celebrity may also get you fame and an invitation to one reality show or another; however the public will most likely end up disliking you and this is probably not the sort of fame you should crave.

No matter how bad your life would seem, there is always a chance of breaking the ice with a role in a TV reality show which may change your life forever.