How To Play 100 Floors


The game “” is a popular game for phones that use the Android operating system. It is a puzzle-type game that consists in players trying to discover how to open an elevator floor and go to the next floor. The game is considered completed once all 100 floors have been completed, as the name of the game suggests.

As of the 11th of July 2012, the first 90 levels of the game have been released, leaving only 10 levels left to “complete” the game. However, there is no sign that the developers will stop at 100 and may continue to release more levels, despite the namesake of the game. Also, user-made levels may be released besides the official ones.

This short article presents a summary walk-through to each level up to level 25 and shows how to open the doors. All you have to do is press the big green arrow inside the elevator to go to the next floor. Lets begin and see how to play 100 floors.

Tips “How To Play 100 Floors” Up To 25th Level

1. Introduction level. Simply press the green arrow.

2. Move the trash can aside, and then press the green arrow.

3. Tilt your phone to the left, and then to the right.

4. Pinch the doors to opposite sides at the same time.

5. Tilt backwards.

6. Move the plant on the right of the elevator to the left, then press the four buttons: three on the elevator doors and one where the plant was.

7. Tilt left.

8. Find the banana among the fruit, and then give it to the gorilla.

9. Match the larger buttons with the smaller ones.

10. Shake your phone, then rotate your phone to the right and move it in the direction of the arrow.

11. Tilt phone and balance the two balls in the middle for three seconds.

12. Tap red buttons on the floor one at a time.

13. Shake phone to drop the hammer, and then tap the wall to break it.

14. Press and hold on the green button until all lights are on.

15. Tap 1, 6, 4 and 3.

16. Take the screwdriver, tap the screws, tap the door then tilt your phone towards you.

17. Roll ball on the left button once, on the right button twice, on the left button three times and on the right button two times (in that order).

18. Quickly tap the five blue dots.

19. Take the towel and wipe the windows.

20. Slide the yellow sign to the side, put the screw in the empty slot, and then screw it in with the screwdriver.

21. Hold the phone upright until all five lights turn on.

22. Break the right statue with the hammer. Slide doors up, right, left and down.

23. Press the green button, put the door from level 16 on the door, and then hammer the symbols.

24. Slide the door up with two fingers on the arrows. Use a third finger to go to the next level or else the door will come back down.

25. Match the placements of the balls on the door with the placement of the discs on the floor.

The puzzles increase in difficulty the higher you get, however so does the fun and thinking required.

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