How To Prevent Miscarriage


There is nothing that devastates a woman like having a miscarriage. You can imagine how one feels to have waited for a baby only to lose it. In most cases, women will have decided to have a child when it is appropriate and losing the baby affects them badly. There is however a number of strategies women can apply to minimize the chances of having a miscarriage.

A woman who has had a miscarriage is more prone to having a miscarriage and all necessary steps must be taken to avoid another miscarriage. Following the listed tips will help in avoiding miscarriage.

Tips To Avoid Miscarriage

Drink plenty of water

Make it a habit to replace sugary substances as well as alcohol with water. Water is known to contain no impurities, giving your body an easier time to function optimally. Unless advised by the doctor, avoid overusing tea and caffeinated drinks. They have undesirable effect to a pregnant woman.

Eat healthy food

Some miscarriages can be as a result of poor diet. Make it a habit to consume healthy food since during pregnancy; a woman requires a healthy diet to assist her and the fetus to grow well. In your diet, include a lot of vegetables and fruits. They provide you with necessary vitamins including calcium, iron and folic acid that will help in a healthy fetus.

Constantly take your medicine as prescribed

Pregnant women are in most cases prescribed medicine that helps them as well as the baby. Never stop taking medication as prescribed by the doctor as this might adversely affect the health of the growing baby. Don’t assume this factor as it can save you from having a miscarriage. Most of the drugs prescribed to a pregnant woman are supplements aimed at enhancing the health of the fetus.

Do exercise

Do exercise in moderation. If you were very active in sports, you will definitely have to reduce the intensity as very vigorous exercises can cause a miscarriage. For those who are not active in sports, moderate exercise helps in strengthening the muscles, thereby making them strong to hold the baby in place.

Learn how to recover from Miscarriage

Have adequate rest

Avoid over exerting yourself as this can lead to miscarriage. Having adequate rest is beneficial to a pregnant woman. When exhausted, do not push yourself beyond your limits. Learn what your body is capable of handling and operate within its limits.

Get relevant information

Get relevant information about how to take care of yourself when pregnant.  Some miscarriages happen due to lack of relevant information that could be used to prevent it. This information can be obtained from the doctor or fellow women who have given birth. They will help you in understanding what you should do and not do when you are pregnant.

Don’t miss doctor’s check up

During pregnancy, you will be scheduled for a number of checkups by the doctor. Don’t assume that because you are feeling well, there is no need to visit the doctor. During the check-ups, doctors are able to note the progress of the fetus and in case of anything, they will advise you accordingly.

Avoid excessive  amount of caffeine

Excessive amounts of caffeine, X rays and ultrasounds should be avoided. Ultrasound is normally done to make sure that the baby is growing properly.

Stop Smoking

Stop being active smoker. Avoid the company of those people who smoke. Being  passive smoker is even more dangerous for you and even for unborn baby. It could lead to placental problems and low birth weight.

High blood pressure and diabetes

Women with high blood pressure and high amount of diabetes should consult with their family doctor. They need to adjust their insulin or oral medications as needed. If you are suffering from a long illness, you need to consult the physician.

Avoid environmental pollution

Polluted air contains many hazardous chemicals that could prove harmful for both mother and the baby.