How To Propose A Girl


Are you in love with a certain girl? Does she know that you love her? Probably, you have not proposed yet and the reason is because you do not know how to propose to a girl. It is a wonder how men could be cowards when it comes to proposing to the girls who they claim to love. Here are some tips on how to propose to a girl.

Tips on How To Propose a Girl

  • Be yourself. This means that you must not pretend to be someone else with the lady that you love just to impress her. By being the person that you are, she will know that you are being honest with her. You don’t need to change yourself just because you want your proposal to be accepted.
  • Remember that despite the modern age, there are still girls who want to be proposed to in the traditional way. Doing it on bended knees with a rose in one hand and a box of chocolate in another could make the woman of your dreams have pity on you and say yes simply because she knew it is too painful for you to kneel down.  Funny but many girls are still romantic and conservative to settle for just a yes or no question and answer.
  • You can set up a meeting with her and unceremoniously put in front of her two jewelry boxes: one containing an engagement ring and the other containing a pair of wedding rings. Without talking much, you have expressed your intentions clearly. She might be reluctant at first but the thought of having those rings on her fingers could make her say “yes’. What will happen to the rings if she is not the materialistic type and would tell you she needs to be in love with you first? Well, just get the two boxes and keep them for the next girl you fancy you wanted to marry is also another great way to propose a girl.
  • You can also take the girl of your dreams to where you have first met, or to where you have first felt the first heart beat that says you love her. Relieve some moments that will make her realize how much you love her. Then, whisper to her the three magic words “I Love You” and propose her.
  • You can also take her to a romantic place for a great dinner. Show her that you know her likes and dislikes by ordering all her favorite foods. Be very attentive to her needs, but please, don’t spoon feed her; that will be too much. Instead, you can just sit staring at her while she devours all her favorite food. Wait until she finishes eating before you propose. The prospect of having those good food everyday may prompt her to answer in the positive.

  • Playing soft music is also another great way to propose a girl. Let the soft music play  in the background and felling and emotions that you want to express will come out on its own. This will definitely make your love realize that you are serious about her.
  • Take your love on a long drive. Believe it or not, girls like long drives with music in the background. It will certainly create bond between both of you and you can take your relationship to next level.
  • Don’t forget that girls like chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, rings a lot. Buy something whenever you are going to meet her and make her feel special. She is definitely going to like that. Tell her what you feel for her before someone else does.
  • Or you can have a streamer posted in front of her window, declaring your endless love for her, for the entire world to see. Just pray and hope that she will open her window soon; otherwise, all your efforts will be futile.

So, these are the ways to propose a girl. Yes, making the girl of your dreams say “yes’ to you is difficult but with these stylistic approaches, she might just say yes to you right away.