How To Read Quickly, Fast And Effectively


Even in the electronic age, the activity of reading is still a very important one. When you can’t find documentation on the author or work you are trying to find on the internet, there will most likely be a book about it. Even if it’s not for studying, reading a good book can be as enjoyable as watching a good movie or playing a game.

However, some people have trouble assimilating what they read, so they have to read the same paragraph twice in order to fully understand its message. This article will provide a few helpful tips on reading quickly and effectively.

Tips to Read Quickly and Effectively

  • Read in a Calm, Quiet Environment

First off, the background in which you read matters very much in your capability to read quickly and effectively. Try to read in a calm, quiet environment. If there are a lot of outside factors that may take your attention from reading, then you are bound to forget what you have just read quite easily. Push any distractions aside and your reading speed will be much better.

Studies show that scent is very important for our concentration. Try reading while the room you are in has delicate floral or fruity smells and it will improve your experience.

  • Keep Practicing

When you want to be able to read quickly and effectively, however, practice is the main thing to do. Simply said, the more you read, the more accustomed your brain becomes to reading, the easier you will assimilate information and the faster you will be able to read while still attuning yourself to the text.

This works the other way around as well, though: long periods with little or no reading will have a very bad influence on your reading speed and effectiveness, and you will find that your reading will be slower, that you will skip rows, that you will misread some words or have to go back to the old and annoying reading the paragraph again because you don’t know what is actually told within it even after reading it.

  • Brain Exercises

There are a lot of brain exercises that apparently give you the ability to read faster and they don’t only stop at that, promising to improve your memory and general intelligence. Some of these tests work, while some others don’t. In general, most of the tests being mass-advertised on the internet are simply scams that you should not trust.

If you want to train your brain the right way, there are dozens of activities that will do just that, like reading, solving a puzzle, playing word games or Sudoku and many others. There are many specialized magazines that offer a wide array of brain puzzles and games to develop your reading speed and effectiveness which you should look into, as these are usually the best ones to put your trust into.

  • Read Without Vocalization

Its better not to vocalize while reading since moving of lips does take time which in turn slows down the reading process. To read quickly and effectively it is advisable to skip vocalizing. You are in fact reading every word, though in your mind, therefore it should not be mixed up with skimming. It aims to regain high speed without losing control over the reading.

  • Read First Few Lines of Every Paragraph

Reading first few lines of every paragraph or few words of every line can easily give you a general idea of the text. You don’t need to read each and every paragraph or line or even every word to draw meaning out of the text. For e.g.:   “Yuo cna raed  adn urndesnatd tish secntene” .

  • Do Read Introduction and Summary

Introduction let a reader know what he/she is going to read in a particular chapter while summary let him know what he/she is expected to know after the completion of chapter. Just a quick review of summary after the chapter can help in recall what you read. Also, during exam days they act like short notes which helps you to save time and also helps you to read quickly.

  • Take Interest in the Material

Reading can be made more effective if you take interest in the material. Studies suggest people tend to read quickly and more effectively when they show signs of interest. However, not all the topics are equally interesting. Subjects like History, Statistics are comparatively more boring than others. But, you need to make them interesting to read and understand them effectively.

  • Get an Overview Before Reading

Before starting to read the book, get an overview of it by looking at the table of  contents and scanning the book. Just an overview of the book will tell you what it contains and how much time would you need to complete it in a given time frame.

So, all in all, the best thing to do is get yourself a nice, comfortable futon in a quiet room and start reading, because, as always, only practice will ever make you perfect, even when it comes to the delightful activity that is reading.