How To Say No To Others


Sometime it is really difficult to say ‘No’ to other people especially if you have a very sensitive personality and do care about them a lot. It happens with us in our daily life that we cannot do something, but also afraid that if we says straight No to the respective person it might hurt his feeling.

Sometime, if you have to ask to do something of a higher authority and you are unable to do it, even then, you cannot say straight no to them or you will be in trouble in either way. However, to avoid these kinds of situations you need to know some simple but very effective way to say ‘No’ that it won’t hurt to others and you have conveyed your message as well. There are many other reasons as well. For example, sometime you don’t want any conflict by saying ‘No’, sometime you don’t want to lose the opportunity, and sometimes you don’t have to create any burning bridges.

~~A disciplined person not only knows how to say ‘no’ to themselves but ‘no’ to other people when they need to.~~ Joyce Meyer

I will discuss some of the finest ways to say ‘No’ to others that will help you avoid from any kind of awkward situation.

8 Effective Ways To Say No To Other People

1. Excuse me. I am already in middle of something:

In the first situation, if you are very much busy in some other situation and you have asked to do other then you can tell them politely that you cannot commit to that situation because you already engaged with other activities on priority basis. It is better to refuse in this way than to make many commitments, which cause trouble for you lately.

2. Can we sit together some other time and discuss upon this:

Similarly, in another way you can tell them that it is not a good time for a particular work, or commitment and suggest them another time that is suitable for you in future. Moreover, if you really don’t want to do it in future as well, you can suggest them an unreal time at which you are sure that they cannot wait.

3. I would love to do it but…:

Another way to say ‘NO’ is to tell them that you really want to do that particular work, but you cannot do it due to some reason. For example, if you don’t want to accept a job offer, you can say that I really love this job opportunity, people are great, working environment is perfect, and salary is also very good, but I had a contract with my previous company that I cannot break otherwise I have to pay plenty. This way is more effective than many others are as it is a soft and sweet way of refusal with solid reason.

4. I am in hurry but I’ll get back to you soon:

Sometime you fall in a situation in which other person wants to do it in an emergency like situation. In situations like this, it is good to say that I have to think about this matter for some time and then I can tell you my decision. As another person is in real hurry, so probably he will go to other available options. You can use this method for non-urgent scenarios as well. You can take a time of 1 to 2 weeks to think about it, and then you can think some proper reason to refuse it in a polite way. It works best when you don’t have anything in mind to refuse that offer on the spot.

5. I have couple of other opportunities too but I’ll keep this in mind:

Sometime you are having in situation of offers that are waiting for your acceptance, and you don’t want it. You can simply say that right now I don’t that I need it, however it is a pretty good offer and I will keep it in mind for future. This is a pretty polite way to say no without offending others.

6. Mr. X is much more knowledgeable. Why don’t you try him:

Give the other person the option to get advice or help from some other person whom you know closely, is another way to no the other person. Bring out some positive facts about that person and convince the other person as to why he should take help from that person. This will actually help you to bring rapport with the person to whom you have recommended.

7. Send some wrong Body Language signals:

Your body language is one of the way of telling other person as to how much interested you are in them. If you are sure of not working, talking or spending time with the other person, show some negative body language like close our arms, ask some silly questions, start in between with some other topic, roll our eyes, keep playing on your mobile, make some funny faces. These signals should be enough for the other person to understand that you are just not interested, in case is he/she is not that too dumb.

8. Just say NO:

You can even refuse a proposal in a better way saying that I am not the perfect person for this opportunity and why not you contact with X as he is seem to be fit for this job. Another simpler way to refuse or say ‘No’ is saying it in a direct way. However, you have to be careful in this situation and use it only when you are sure that other people will understand in a perfect way.