How to Shop Smart and Help the Environment


Most of us like to shop and part of the excitement of actual shopping and buying is to carry your purchases home in a striking carrier bag. But with increasing concern over the environment, it’s even better if that bag helps the environment too.

The Benefits of “Actual” Shopping
“Actual” shopping, as opposed to on-line shopping, is where customers actually visit the shops, see goods in real life, try on clothes and so on, before they buy. In recent years, on-line shopping has increased in popularity, mainly because it is more convenient for people who lead busy lives, or because it is easier to source goods from around the world and, of course, many goods are cheaper on the web than the equivalents in the shops. However, although customers can look forward to receiving their goods when they are delivered, shopping on-line can never compete with actual shopping in terms of excitement, atmosphere – particularly around Christmas and sale times – or as a social event. Shopping in atmospheric town and city centres, meeting friends, stopping for a chill-out coffee, these are all intrinsic elements of actual shopping that can never be re-created on-line. So retailers have to ensure they create unique experiences for their customers that they cannot experience elsewhere.


Speciality Carrier bags
Providing striking, attractive, individual carrier bags is an essential element of this. A carrier bag is a practical item, but that does not need to mean it is boring, plain or unattractive. Carrier bags are available in a wide diversity of sizes, styles and colours that can be perfectly matched to the style and statement you want to make. And dazzlingly conspicuous bags that stand out from the crowd are one of the best ways of advertising your company, far and wide. Carrier bags still, of course, have to perform a practical function, therefore have to be serviceable in all types of weather conditions and able to withstand crowded conditions in shops, streets and public transport. Therefore to buy plastic carrier bags makes sense as they will protect purchases and prevent them getting wet in adverse weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Carrier Bags
But in an era of increasing concern about the environment, it is essential that when you buy plastic carrier bags, you ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Over recent years consumers have, rightly, become very concerned about accepting plastic bags that will not biodegrade and may well end up as litter, or contributing to landfill, or marine pollution.

It is vital then, to make sure that the plastic carrier bags you supply are able to biodegrade. Bags are now available that are made from oxodegradable film with d2w additive as this ensures that degradation begins after a specific period (usually 12 months) regardless of where the bag is kept. This means that the bag does not have to be buried and that even those bags that end up as litter will disappear by themselves.

Unlike previously these bags do not look unsightly and, although being environmentally friendly is their main purpose, this does not mean that style and design have been ignored. These bags can be produced in different sizes and styles and, of course, it makes sense to use the bags to announce your environmentally credentials to the world.

So never overlook the importance of carrier bags. Stylish, adaptable carrier bags can enhance the retail experience for all your customers and, by choosing wisely, can help the environment at the same time.