How To Spy On Your Wife


Have you ever suspected your wife of cheating on you?  Boring such thoughts is bad and may cause a dent in your marriage. In this modern day and age, there are a lot of ways to discover if you wife is untrue to you. If you do not mind being labeled a paranoid, here some tips on how to spy on your wife.

Ways To Spy On Your Wife

First, check her computer and see if you can access her emails, chats and facebook. Some women are foolish enough  as they don’t bother to sign out from mail account after completing their work. But read the mails or chats first before getting a gun and pointing it on her head. Those love messages could have been sent to you. If she is a kind of person who chats endlessly on her face book, find a chance to read her chats.

They could be with an old flame who wants to rekindle the fire. If you are not yet contented, place a listening device in the part of your house where she usually converses with someone using her phone. You might be able to hear something that can incriminate her.

Second, you can rummage through all the cabinets and closets and drawers in your bedroom for love notes she might have hidden there. Take note of the flooring. Are they made of planks? If so, she might have placed her treacherous letter under it. Try taking off the planks to see what is inside. Well, if she catches you doing this, just tell her you were trying to look for the mouse that gnawed and damaged your favorite shirt. Its better to take consider the consequences before you start to spy on your wife.

Third, you check her car if you have separate vehicles. She might carelessly leave a love letter on the dashboard, under the seat or under the floor mat. She could have hidden it in the baggage compartment. Also, check the space under the hood. She could have hidden them there. If you cannot find any evidence in the car, it could mean that she is just super careful to keep and protect all her secrets.

Make use of technology to spy on your wife. Nowadays technology has gone so advanced that you can easily take note of your partner movements. Buy a key logger and install on your wife’s computer or laptop. This software will let you know on which websites your wife made a visit and what she typed while doing chatting with her friend. It secretly stores the information and you can access it when you want to cross check the details. You can even make use of spy cameras to examine the details.

VNC, a  very known and popular tool to take remote of a computer. You can secretly keep track what your wife is doing while she is at home. This software won”t let you wife know that she is being watched. For more detail on this software you can see this link.

Keep track of your wife’s phone bills. Keep track on unknown numbers which she has dialed or from which she as received calls and the duration is much longer. Probe her if you find something wrong. Try to check you wife’s mobile and see last dialed and list of received call and see if that unusual number is in her contacts list. Apart from this, you can also check her sms’es on regular basis. Don’t forget to check both sent and received messages.

If you are having separate vehicles, you can check the speedometer and note down the current reading and compare it when she comes back home in the evening. If the difference between both figures is much greater than the distance of your home till her office, ask her where she went from office and if she gives some unconvincing answers then that’s enough to get suspicious of her.

Last, hire a detective to follow your wife wherever she goes. You can hire an ex-police or anyone whose profession is on catching your wife having an affair with another man. Ask him to take pictures, listen to the conversations and observe how she acts with a certain man. She might be too close to him or she might obviously love him. This method could be expensive to spy on your wife but you will be happy with the results.

Well, for husbands who are distrustful, the only remedy is for you to develop trust and confidence to your wife. You avoid hassle, misunderstanding and the possibility of marriage breakdown. If your wife is not guilty but she leaves you still, you have no one else to blame but yourself. Remember that TRUST is the most important thing in your married life. Women seldom cheat on their husbands and they would feel better if you show your great trust and confidence on her love and loyalty to you.