How To Stop Snoring


Snoring has in the recent past become a topic under discussion.  Research has indicated that men are more prone to snoring than women. It is however important to note that, snoring can be avoided by simple steps which are not costly to apply. Many people would aspire to have partners who do not snore. On the other hand, snoring can be irritating to those who don’t snore.

This situation becomes trickier where one person snores whereas the other doesn’t. Both people may be affected differently with the snorer feeling uneasy whereas the one who doesn’t snore being affected by the noise made by the snorer. Striking a balance therefore becomes tricky but with simple preventive measures, both parties can be at peace.

Snoring occurs when air can’t move freely via the nose and mouth during sleep. This is as a result of narrowed airway which inhibits amount of air going through. The causative factors include a narrow airway, abnormalities of soft tissue in the throat and poor sleeping posture. There are however many ways via which a person can stop snoring. Take a look at the list below and see how to stop snoring.

Effective Ways To Stop Snoring

Quit smoking- smokers have got high chances of snoring than non smokers. The effect of smoking causes constriction of airways and irritates membranes in throat and nose, thereby increasing the chances of snoring. If you snore and you are a smoker, consider quitting the habit.

Avoid sleeping pills,  alcohol and sedatives– for those who snore, avoiding these substances can help a great deal. These substances are known to be muscle relaxer and by taking them especially before bedtime, they can enhance the snoring rate. When muscles in the throat relax, the breathing pattern is interfered with, which can lead to more snoring. It is advisable to avoid these substances where applicable before going to bed so as to stop snoring.

Do exercise-exercise helps in toning the muscles of the body. Through exercise, one can improve on toning the throat muscles, which are greatly important in improving the breathing pattern and quality.

Shed of some weight– for overweight people, shedding of some weight can improve your snoring. With a lot of weight in the body, there is tendency to have fat deposits on the back of the throat which will constrict the airway, causing snoring.

Check your sleeping pattern– most people snore when lying on their back. Trying to change the sleeping pattern will aid you in discovering the position that causes least snoring. Sleeping on the back aggravates the chances of soft tissues and tongue to drop, obstructing the airway. This means sleeping on the side or on the stomach can help in alleviating the problem of snoring.

Clearing nasal passages– Clearing the nose makes airway clear and avoids restricting air passage. Make it a habit of clearing any stuffy from airway before sleeping. This will help you to sleep properly throughout the night and also helps to stop snoring.

For severe snoring, seeking advanced medication is appropriate. This might include opting for surgery if doctor advises so. With the advancement in technology, use of laser to conduct the surgery can be effective and time saving which can help to stop snoring.

You can buy a mouth guard, if our doctor has prescribed so,  that holds the teeth together and keeps the lower jaw muscles from becoming too lax.

See yourself to a doctor if you are suffering from allergies. This may force a person to breathe from mouth instead of their nose while sleeping. Try taking an antihistamine before you hit the bed.

It is your responsibility to analyze what triggers the snoring. Once you discover the cause, you are better placed to deal with it by avoiding causative agents of your snoring. There are some other ways too, to stop snoring. You can go through the links in the reference section below.