How To Take Care of Your Hair


Many people especially females love to have strong, long, and shiny hair. No doubt, wonderful hair can add up the beauty and grace of a girl. Some girls have such amazing hair by birth, while another can make it like them with proper care of their hair. However, it is important to remember that no matter how amazing hair you have by birth, if you don’t do proper care of it, you will lose their shine and beauty.

If you want to be a model someday, healthy hair is necessary in your personality. If you are just sitting around and getting jealous of the celebrity’s hair and thinking that you might never have similar to them, you are probably thinking very wrong. Of course, you can have such an amazing hair by following just simple steps.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. ~~ Audrey Hepburn

10 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

1. Eat Healthy food:

First step regarding this is the eating healthiest. Care of everything starts from healthy eating. The reason is that your mouth is a major route of inputting ingredients. If your eating habits are not good, you cannot have healthy hair. Hair is considered as the reflection of an overall diet and health status of a person. The main ingredient that you must need to include in your diet is the iron. This helps hair to grow thicker and stronger. Vitamin A and vitamin C are helpful to make your hair glossy, and shiny. You can get these required ingredients from, citrus fruits, spinach, and broccoli.

2. Don’t use Cheap Products:

Don’t try to save some money while shopping for the hair product. Cheap products are harmful for the hair growth and development. Therefore, in order to avoid any kind of mishap by the use of cheap products, always select the best available in your budget.

3. Use Appropriate Conditioner or Shampoo:

However, you need to be careful while selecting for conditioners and shampoos, because not every conditioner and shampoo is designed for your hair. Everyone has his own hair types and property. Therefore, it is recommended that consult your doctor or a good hair expert and buy conditioner and shampoo accordingly.

Other things that you must consider is that shampoo must not make your hair over dry. Another piece of advice regarding conditioners and shampoo is the use of right amount. Excessive use of them can create dullness and lifelessness in your hair.

4. Avoid excessive Heating of your Hair:

Other than eating habits, and use of conditioners and shampoos you must be conscious about the treatment of your hair. Moreover, while giving style to your hair, don’t use cheap tools. For example, if you want to make your hair straight, don’t use cheaper hair straightener. The reason is that cheaper hair straightener can damage your hair by overheating excessively.

It is because most of cheaper hair straighteners don’t have any regulator for temperature. This excessive heat may cause the severe damage to your hair. Furthermore, you can use heat-protecting products as well. These products including a wide variety of hail gel that you can use on hair before using heating tools to protect any unwanted heat shock to your hair.

5. Brushing your hair:

Always use a brush and comb of higher quality. Cheaper one may damage the roots of the hair as well as its breakage chances are also increasing manifold.

6. Use Soft Towel to Dry Your hair:

Another tip related to the drying of your hair is that never rub them with a towel. Always dry them gently by using a soft towel and try to pat instead of rub. There are more chances of break while rubbing because wet hair are relatively less stretchable and more prone to break.

7. Visit Your Salon every 6-8 weeks:

A visit to the hair salon regularly for the trimming of your hair is also having a positive effect on the hair growth. Try your best that the interval between two successive trimmings should not increase more than 8 weeks.

8. Protect your hair from UV rays:

Ultraviolet rays are known to contain some harmful rays that may cause excessive damage to your hair. For safety, use hat or some other products that can protect them

9. Keep Your hair Trimmed:

Hairs grow very fast and is therefore necessary to get rid of unwanted hair. This will also help your stylist to detect any problem with your hair and can advice you with useful suggestions. Damaged and split end hair should be removed before they could spoil your hair.

10. Avoid Styling for some time:

Don’t use too many products and try them out on your hair. Excessive use of these products may cause baldness or destroy your hair permanently. Products such as gels and hair sprays may take a toll on your hair, if used consistently.

11. Don’t pull your hair back tightly:

Never tie your hairs tightly with elastic bands or clips with regular basis.This will lead to breakage of hair and may lead to hair loss.

If you follow these simple tips, your hair will be perfect and healthy all the time. Healthy hair gives better and unique look to your overall personality and you will certainly be proud of it.