How To Trace A Cell Phone Number


Sometimes you are suspicious about something or someone in your life. You may suspect that your spouse is having an affair with someone else. You may suspect that your children aren’t actually going to where they say they are going, instead going to a night club or over to a friend when they said they are simply going outside to play for a bit. You may even want to trace someone outside your family range, such as a friend that you think is behaving suspiciously. Or, you may just be curious if you can actually track a cell phone number in any way.

There are many supposed ways of tracing cell phone numbers. The internet is practically full of them, however most of these are either pranks made by bored people that just want to get a laugh out of you or they are scams which will not stop at making fun of you but will rather take your money away and possibly even blackmail you.

Ways To Trace A Cell Phone Number

  • Google Unknown Number

Open Google and enter the cell phone number in the search bar and see what results you get. If that number is ever published on internet may be a blog or website, you are most likely to get the result. If the results are too large, try entering the number including the area and country code to narrow down your results.

  • Reverse Look Up Directory

Most of the sites like Reverse cell Phone Directory , The Ultimates , White Pages are engaged in this business and charge their customers some fee to let them know the information of cell phone number. The result include name, address and location. Trying these directories is not a bad idea if you want quick and reliable information.

  • Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have become the most second obvious choice by people to trace a cell phone number. With millions of people on social networking sites, these sites just can’t be ignored. Most of the people have published their cell phone numbers on their profile page and you can use this way to get the information. Try entering the number in the search function of this site and you never know, you might get that person.

  • Call Unknown Number Back

The most easiest way to trace a cell phone  number is to dial that number back. Politely tell them that you have received a missed call from this number and you just want to know who they are. If they don’t give you info, try calling after couple of days from different number to get the much detailed info.

  • Online Cell Phone Directory

Trace the cell phone carrier by looking the the first few digits of the number. Look out for the cell phone directory of that carrier and try to trace the cell phone number. The options could be limited given the fact that not all the numbers are published in the online directory. But, it can be a good option to start with.

  • Hire a Professional

Many professionals exist in cell phone tracking. If you manage to get across one, he or she is probably your best chance of managing to track someone’s phone. However, be careful, as they may just want to get money off you by blackmailing you so as he does not turn you over to the police for attempting to illegally track someone’s cell phone number.

So, as we said, most of these supposed cell-tracking devices or programs are a hoax. However, cell tracking does exist. Secret agencies around the world use cell tracking in one form or another to keep track of people they consider dangerous or that they want to imprison or capture. This is the only authorized form of tracking a cell phone, because the general population is not allowed to break into someone else’s private life like this. However, the simple existence of cell phone tracking in this form confirms that it is quite possible.

An alternative to cell phone tracking are cell listening devices. These can also be carried out by professionals and are a lot more common than cell phone tracking. These methods work by forcing the cell phone into secretly calling a phone number without the owner’s consent. Thus, the phone number that has been called has full access to any sounds around the owner of the phone. Also, the phone will not display any active calls and will not be charged any costs for the call, so as to remove any tracks of the listening.

There are also tracking devices on the market. These emit a signal every now and then which can be picked up by the receptor paired with them. Slipping one of these devices on someone can be easier than tracking their cell phone number, as long as you can get your hands on one of them.

So, to sum up, keeping tabs on a person through their cell phone is not easy, and, most of all, it is illegal. If you want to try it out, do so at your own responsibility and with the utmost secrecy.